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George Michael has decided he will not cover up or treat the scar on his neck from his tracheotomy procedure last year.

When taken ill last November in Viennaduring during his grand tour, he spent four weeks in hospital where they carried out a tracheotomy- when a small incision is made in the neck to aid breathing.

The Greek singer feels it reminds him that he is lucky to be alive after contracting pneumonia, stating “I don’t think it changes you as a person. I have a tracheotomy scar… and it really bothered me for a while. I was thinking well maybe I should get something done about it. I know you can have scar treatment. But then I thought when I was looking in the mirror a couple of weeks ago that it does actually remind me every time I look at it that I’m lucky to be alive so I’ve decided to keep it.”

The singer has also revealed he now has a five-week gap in his memory from when he was battling for his life.

Rescheduled tour dates will commence from September 2012 and end in December and the singer has added that he is hoping to release a new album “very soon”. Although no dates have been released as of yet, he stated that he now feels “re-energized” to release new material.

Table tennis champion Panagiotis Gionis, failed to qualify to the next round of Olympic table tennis. It was announced he played very well but Japanese athlete Seigia Kisikaoua was one step ahead as the 20th best table tennis athlete in the world. He lost by 12-10 in the 7th set andJapan won 3-4 overall.

Gionis announced that he was satisfied with his performance despite the disqualification. However he later stated “I am disappointed, because I lost by a slight difference. Sometimes, it is preferable to lose by big differences, than losing due to details. Such a disqualification is the worst case scenario for an athlete’s psychology. I fought until the end, I managed to qualify to the match –ball, but I cannot explain how I did not win the final set.”

Nevertheless, Coach Kostas Vatsaklis felt Panagiotis did his best playing against the 20th best table tennis champion in the world, stating “He is certainly a very clever player, thus he deserves our applause”.

President of the Republic Demetris Christofias has pledged once again that he is ready to continue the direct talks for theCyprusproblem, despite the negative stance shown byAnkaraand the Turkish Cypriots.

In an interview with London Greek Radio (LGR) , President Christofias said that he is both disappointed and unhappy from the lack of progress in the direct talks, however he has his conscious clear because the Greek Cypriot side did its utmost in the direction of the reunification of the country.

CyprusPresident, who is inLondonwhere he attended the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, stressed that the solution lies with those who created theCyprusproblem, that is the occupying force,Turkey, who invaded and occupied the island, thus, he continued,Turkeyis the key to the solution.

He went on to say that in the past, when Mehmet Ali Talat was the leader of the Turkish side community, the Turkish side showed a certain level of leniency that led the talks to a satisfying point. President said that certain convergences were achieved and people had high hopes that the problem will finally be resolved.

According to the President, Dervis Eroglu, Talat’s successor at the Turkish Cypriot community, has overturned the situation.

He noted that both the European Union and the United Nations, ought to have been more strict withTurkey, adding that the tolerance they show has been demonstrated recently as well, with the consultations at the UNSC for the resolution for the renewal of the UNFICYP.

The United Nations Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), comprising military and civilian personnel from various contributing countries, arrived inCyprusin March 1964 after intercommunal fighting broke out. The mandate of the force is renewed every six months by the Security Council.

In his statements to LGR, the President also said that that the direct talks have reached a standstill, however, the Greek Cypriot side has assured that is ready to continue the negotiations in order to reach a solution.

President Christofias also dismissed the views for a new basis of theCyprusproblem, underlining that this would lead to partition.

Cyprushas been divided since 1974, whenTurkeyinvaded and occupied its northern third. The two communities in the island have been engaged in UN-backed talks since 2008 with the aim to reunite the island under a federal roof.

In the interview the President was also asked about the situation in the economy in the light ofCyprus’ application to the EU bailout mechanism and he strongly criticized the opposition parties inCyprusas well as the former Central Bank Governor.

President Christofias said that it is natural to criticize the government in the framework of the democratic system, however is unfortunate to make statements that ooze hate. He went on to say that such behavior characterizes countries with low culture in politics.

Amidst the debate that is carried on inCyprusabout the responsibilities of the former Central Bank chief as regards the exposure of the Cypriot banks to the Greek bonds, the President said that the former Governor should have warned the government and the political parties on the possible dangers.

He said that not only did he advise both the government and the parties, but he forced them to invest in Greek bonds and called on the people not to show trust in theCyprusbonds.

President Christofias went on to say that the former Governor Athanasios Orphanides had never in the past warned him about the exposure to the Greek debt.

He also assured that he is ready to assume any responsibility that belongs to the Government; however he does not accept any blame as regards the Greek debt and the exposure of the banks to the Greek bonds.

The count down is on and with only 2 days and 3 hours till the Olympics kick off, the whole of North London, including the LGR team, gathered today in Barnet to watch the torch go by.

With 27 different Barnet torch bearers alone, London has gathered to cheer them on, wave their flags and get in the spirit of the Olympics. Harry Potter star Rupert Grint and former decathlete champion Daley Thompson are among 152 other torch-bearers today as the flame makes it way across north London from Harrow to Harringey.

Today is the 68th day of the torch relay and excitement for the upcoming opening ceremony and games is palpable! The name of the Olympic Opening Ceremony show will be ‘Isles of Wonder’ and the worldwide broadcast will commence at 9pm.

Danny Boyle, Artistic Director of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, said: ‘Our Isles of Wonder salutes and celebrates the exuberant creativity of the British genius in an Opening Ceremony that we hope will be as unpredictable and inventive as the British people.’

Approximately 4 billion people are estimated to view the Olympic opening and closing Ceremonies.

LGR is supporting Stavros Styllis’ charity trek to Mount Kilimanjaro to raise £7000 for Leukaemia Cancer Society.

Make a donation by 30th November 2012,  by clicking on the link below and help Stavros who will be climbing the tallest stand-alone mountain in the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro in February 2013.

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Στον ΑΠΟΕΛ μετρούν αντίστροφα ενόψει του επαναληπτικού με την Σένιτσα στη Σλοβακία. Η αποστολή της ομάδας αναχωρεί αύριο το πρωί για τη χώρα της κεντρικής Ευρώπης. Το 2-0 υπέρ της Κυπριακής ομάδας στο πρώτο παιχνίδι, την καθιστά ακλόνητο φαβορί για την πρόκριση, με τον Ιβάν Γιοβάνοβιτς να ζητά και δεύτερη νίκη. Παράλληλα στον ΑΠΟΕΛ θέλουν να τελειώσει η υπόθεση δεύτερος προκριματικός γύρος του Γιουρόπα Λιγκ, ώστε να αφοσιωθούν στον τρίτο, γνωρίζοντας και τον αντίπαλος τους, αφού η πρόκριση ανάμεσα στην ΦΚ Τιράνων και Ααλεσουντ είναι ανοικτά μετά το 1-1 στην Αλβανία.

Άλλοι δύο αθλητές και συγκεκριμένα αθλήτριες, της Κυπριακής αποστολής που θα λάβει μέρος στους Ολυμπιακούς αγώνες του Λονδίνου, αναχώρησαν χθες για την Αγγλική πρωτεύουσα. Πρόκειται για την κολυμβήτρια μας Άννα Στυλιανού και την αθλήτρια της ρυθμικής γυμναστικής Κρισταλλένης Τρικωμίτη. Μαζί με της δύο αθλήτριες ταξίδεψαν και ακόμη 11 μέλη με επικεφαλής τον Χαράλαμπο Λόττα. Ήδη στο Λονδίνο βρίσκονται ο Μάρκος Παγδατής και οι ιστιοπλόοι Αντρέας Καρυόλου και Παύλος Κοντίδης. Αύριο είναι προγραμματισμένη η αναχώρηση των σκοπευτών μας και την 1η Αυγούστου των αθλητών του στίβου. Τελευταίος από την κυπριακή αποστολή θα ταξιδεύσει στο Λονδίνο ο ποδηλάτης Μάριος Αθανασιάδης στις 4 Αυγούστου.

Εξαλλου. Με τον κότινο από την «μνημειακή» ελιά των Βουβών του δήμου Πλατανιά Χανίων εφτασε χθες στο Λονδίνο η Ελληνική Ολυμπιακή ομάδα. Ο κότινος είναι το κλαδί ελιάς με το οποίο στεφάνωναν στην αρχαία Ελλάδα τους νικητές των Ολυμπιακών Αγώνων. Αυτή η επιβράβευση των διακεκριμένων στα αγωνίσματα αθλητών συνεχίζεται ακόμη στις μέρες μας. Συγκεκριμένα, χθες ο κότινος παραδοθηκε από το δήμαρχο Πλατανιά, Γιάννη Μαλανδράκη στον πρόεδρο της Ελληνικής Ολυμπιακής Επιτροπής, Σπύρο Καπράλο, λίγο πριν από την αναχώρηση της ελληνικής Ολυμπιακής αποστολής, στο αεροδρόμιο «Ελ. Βενιζέλος

Στο Μπέλφαστ βρίσκεται από χθες η αποστολή της ΑΕΛ, ενόψει του αυριανού επαναληπτικού με τη Λίνφιλτ,  για τον δεύτερο προκριματικό γύρο του Τσάμπιονς Λιγκ. Ο αγώνας πήρε διαδικαστική μορφή από το βράδυ της 18ης Ιουλίου, όταν οι πρωταθλητές Κύπρου επικράτησαν στο Τσίρειο με 3-0. Παρά την διαφαινόμενη πρόκριση, ο Πάμπος Χριστοδούλου ζήτησε από τους παίκτες του να παρουσιαστούν σοβαροί, ώστε να συνδυάσουν την πρόκριση με ακόμη μία ευρωπαϊκή νίκη.

On Saturday, July 21st 2012, at the Hellenic Centre in London, hundreds of Londoners and foreign visitors will issue a special call to the world for Olympic truce and global peace!

From 10 am to 8 pm, 200 individuals of all ages and backgrounds will participate in a marathon reading/singing of Homer’s Iliad, produced by the international literary organization The Readers of Homer, and sponsored by the Hellenic Centre of London, the A.G. Leventis and Maria Tsakos Foundations, Elliniko Theatro, and eminent anonymous donors.

Representatives of cultural societies and communities based in London, ambassadors, artists, journalists, athletes and students, are expected to join hundreds of citizens who will read or sing their passages, each in their own way and language, one after the other, during 10 hours.

Their common aim will be to add their voices to the international Olympic call for truce and permanent peace, just a weak before the official opening ceremony of the 2012 Games in London, promoting the human values and ideals which originated in Greece thousands of years ago, and still reverberate there, in. Homer’s land, despite the current crisis. The Iliad reminds us of the brave nature of humankind and the genesis of the Olympic Games, while the participatory multi-lingual reading promulgates the collective effort required by all to promote and sustain our common human legacy.

The reading will be coordinated with on-stage projections of archaic and classical images, along with the English version of the epic, a mosaic of segments from Pope’s and Fitzgerald’s translations and Christopher Logue’s Iliad. The Homeric rhapsodies will be accompanied by interludes and melodies from the musical ensemble Daemonia Nymphe, on reconstructed ancient Greek instruments by Nicholas Brass.

At the conclusion of the celebrational Reading, the Hellenic Centre and the Readers of Homer will offer a simple yet delicious feast of Homeric edibles and potables for the participants’ sustenance and delight.
Participation to the reading is free and online registration is now open via

The ILIAD event in London is supported by the Hellenic Centre, the A.G. Leventis Foundation, the Maria Tsakos Foundation and generous individual and corporate sponsors. Registrants, participants and audience members are encouraged to make an online donation, big or small, to support the non-profit organizations involved in order to assist and sustain their work worldwide.

Please note that from 3 July to 12 August the Hellenic Centre will be hosting an exhibition of rare photographs from the archives of the Benaki and National Historical Museums of Athens depicting the very first Modern Olympic Games, held in Athens in 1896.

For further information:


Katherine Balamoti Agatha Kalisperas
The Readers of Homer The Hellenic Centre
Tel : +44(0)7783177841 Tel: +44 (0)20 7487 5060
Laura Hohlwein Stephania Xydia
The Readers of Homer EllinikoTheatro
Tel: 001 916 769 6441 Tel:+306934438748

As part of the cultural events, in view of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU, the Cyprus Sports Organisation will hold the Exhibition “Sports in Cyprus – A History of Centuries”, at the Hellenic Centre of London.
The exhibition will be opened by his Excellency, the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Demetris Christofias, on Sunday 29 of July at 7:00 p.m.
The exhibition consists of 40 images from archaeological findings related to sports, which were excavated from the Cyprus land and are kept in the Cyprus Museums.
The exhibition will be opened to the public, from 30th of July until the 8th of August.
During the exhibition’s opening, a twenty-minute documentary film will be shown. The film is a co-production between the Cyprus Sports Organisation and the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, a flashback of sports in Cyprus from the antiquity till the contemporary sport reality. It includes images from prehistoric times, where the survival of the inhabitants of Cyprus, which required psychobodily skills, and intensive education and exercise, has led to the genesis of various sports. The film also presents the elite sport with the successes of Cypriot athletes from 1896 up to date, as well as the Sport for All and the social role of sports.
The Children’s choir of the Community, along with their music teacher, who won the first prize in a competition of schools curried out in UK, for the song of the Olympic Games, will also be participating.
The purpose of this touring exhibition is the dissemination and preservation of Cyprus Sports Cultural Heritage.

Greek Minister of Tourism in London, on a last minute mission to boost the number of British tourists

With the hope to reverse the negative trend and give a last minute boost to the number of British holidaymakers visiting Greece, Olga Kefalogianni (pictured), Greece’s newly appointed Minister of Tousim, has embarked on a four day visit to London. Arriving on Wednesday, Mrs. Kefalogianni intends to stay in the British capital till Saturday.

During her visit, the Minister will give a series of interviews in major European and American media and will have separate meetings with representatives of travel agencies and Tour Operators.