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Tough Mudder 2014

Tough Mudder 2014

On the 13th July 2014, 14 members of The Floor Shop in Bounds Green took part in a 12 mile, mud filled hardcore obstacle course called “Tough Mudder” in order to raise money for the Radiomarathon charity.

Their bid was to reach a target of £10,000 which they would donate to the Radiomarathon center which supports people with learning difficulties. The aim of Radiomarathon is to support people with special needs as well as their families and carers. Moreover they seek to highlight the issues they face, increasing insight and awareness.

Well we are happy to report their goal has been attained as the Team Floor Shop Just Giving page now reads: “All 14 members of Team Floor Shop successfully made it across the finish line, some in better shape than others… but ALL covered in mud!” 

Team Floor Shop

Team Floor Shop

Well, not only did The Floor Shop 14 manage to successfully cross the finish line, they have also surpassed their fundraising goal with the help of many friends, family, supporters and community members. They have currently raised an impressive £11,316.25 all of which will be going directly to the Radiomarathon center in Enfield, whose aim is to facilitate empowerment for people with learning disabilities.

The Floor Shop

The Floor Shop

As though facing the worlds most brutal obstacles in order to raise money for charity wasn’t admirable enough, The Floor Shop will also be donating 20p for every square metre of flooring sold during May, June and July.

If you wish to get involved, it’s not too late to support the amazing fundraising efforts of The Floor Shop Team. 

You can help them make a real difference to the daily lives of hundreds of people in our local community, by donating on their Just Giving Page (click here to visit)

LGR would like to congratulate all 14 members of the team for their dedication to this important cause and commend them for their astounding efforts. 

Article written by Miranda Athanasiou

World pop contest Pirogovsky Rassvet takes places in Moscow and is one of Russia’s leading music competitions.

The event which began in 2011 with 17 artists from 15 countries will see 18 acts in the 2014 full-line up.

Kyriacos Georgiou the London Cypriot singer will be flying the Greek flag, at this year’s pop event.

Thousands of fans watch the contest and it can be seen with online broadcasting on the internet.

You can vote for Kyriacos on the online poll for number 9 (every 24 hours) on the link

Τo Pirogovsky Rassvet είναι ένας διεθνής διαγωνισμός ποπ τραγουδιού που λαμβάνει χώρα στην Μόσχα. Ξεκίνησε το 2011 όπου διαγωνίστηκαν 17 καλλιτέχνες από 15 χώρες από όλο το πλανήτη και έχει φτάσει σήμερα να θεωρείται από τους σημαντικότερους διαγωνισμούς τραγουδιού στη Ρωσία σε διεθνές επίπεδο παρακολουθώντας τον χιλιάδες άνθρωποι από κοντά καθώς και μέσω online broadcasting στο internet. 

Φέτος η Ελλάδα εκπροσωπείται από τον ταλαντούχο Κυριάκο Γεωργίου.

Στηρίζουμε την προσπάθεια του δίνοντας την ψήφο μας στο νούμερο 9 κάθε 24 ώρες στο link

Article written by Tony Neophytou

Ο Ολυμπιακός δεν κατάφερε να διπλασιάσει τις νίκες του στο τουρνουά International Champions Cup, που φιλοξενείται στις ΗΠΑ.

Οι “ερυθρόλευκοι”, με πολλές αλλαγές στο αγωνιστικό τους σχήμα σε σχέση με το νικηφόρο ματς απέναντι στη Μίλαν, γνώρισαν την ήττα 1-0 από τη Λίβερπουλ στο Soldier Field του Σικάγο.

Το μοναδικό τέρμα της αναμέτρησης σημείωσε ο Στέρλινγκ στο 5ο λεπτό της αναμέτρησης, ενώ για την ελληνική ομάδα ο Γκαζαριάν είχε σουτ στο δοκάρι στο 50ο λεπτό.

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Cyprus is ready to accept European citizens or third country nationals that will flee Gaza or Syria due to the ongoing crisis, the Minister of Interior Socrates Hasikos (pictured above) said Sunday, pointing out however that these individuals will use Cyprus as a transit point to depart for their final destination.

The Minister of Interior said that Cyprus has the infrastructure and the operational plans that will enable the country to accommodate EU nationals or citizens of third countries.

He explained that Cyprus will serve as a transit point for 3 -4 days and after that, these people will travel to their final destination.

Asked whether Cyprus has information on population mobility due to the conflict in the region, the Minister of Interior said that he has no such information, nor the government is aware of such a possibility. He added that the Ministry follows the issue and will deal with it if and when this occurs.

To a question whether the government will seek assistance from the EU, the Minister explained that Europe is already addressing the crisis and that there is a European project involving all Member States.

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Greek PM Antonis Samaras, announced on Sunday July 27 his decision to appoint the country’s Defence Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos (pictured above), as Greece’s representative on the new European Commission.

Mr. Avramopoulos, who will succeed current Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki, is expected to remain at the helm of the Greek Pentagon until Nov.1, when the new cabinet members of the EU’s executive body will officially assume their duties under the leadership of its new President Jean-Claude Juncker.

The PM’s decision surprised political circles in Athens, since Former Foreign Affairs Minister Ntora Bakoyianni was widely viewed as the leading candidate for the Commision post. However, following a meeting with Pasok leader and Government’s Vice President Evangelos Venizelos, Samaras phoned Ms. Bakoyianni on Saturday afternoon to inform her of his decision not to give her the job.

Citing unnamed sources close to Mr. Avaramopoulos, Greek media outlets claim that he is very much interested in taking up either the internal affairs or the immigration portfolio.

Article written by Panos Charalampous

President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades met on Monday for one and a half hour with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras , in a broad meeting with participation of the Foreign Ministers of the two countries and other officials of the two governments, to discuss recent developments on the Cyprus issue.

Anastasiades pointed out that “ we will get even more from our presence in the EU, to strengthen our positions, and we will reach out to other countries which are involved in the process and can exert influence on Turkey.”

In their statements both leaders acknowledged that there are complications in the negotiating process. Samaras stressed that not only there was absolutely no progress but there is also now confirmation of the differences between the two sides.

President Anastasiades informed the Greek side in detail in relation to the complications at the negotiations. Samaras pointed out the refusal of the Turkish Cypriot side to accept the acquis communautarei and the fact that the Turkish Cypriots side rejects ​​suggestions by President Anastasiades as regards the Confidence Building Measures or even procedural issues.

“We will continue the dialogue,” said President Anastasiades, confirming the intransigence of the Turkish Cypriot side.

Article written by CNA

Με την τελετή έναρξης στο κατάμεστο Σέλτικ Παρκ της Γλασκώβης άνοιξε χθες βράδυ η αυλαία των 20ων Κοινοπολιτειακών Αγώνων “Γλασκώβη 2014”.

Commonwealth games_cyprus

Ο Γιώργος Αχιλλέως ήταν ο σημαιοφόρος της κυπριακής αποστολής, η οποία αποτελείται από 51 αθλητές και αθλήτριες. Οι Κύπριοι αθλητές, 30 άνδρες και 21 γυναίκες αγωνίζονται σε εννέα αθλήματα.

Στο αγωνιστικό μέρος, σήμερα αγωνίζεται στο Τζούντο στην κατηγορία των 66Kg ο Ανδρέας Κρασσάς και ο Χρίστος Τρικωμίτης στην κατηγορία των 60kg.

Στην κολύμβηση, και συγκεκριμένα στα 400μ Ελεύθερο ο Ιάκωβος Χατζηκωνσταντίνου αγωνίζεται στην 4η προκριματική σειρά. Η Ερικα Χρυσοστόμου θα αγωνιστεί στην 4η προκριματική σειρά στα 50μ πρόσθιο και ο Αλέξανδρος Μπαχτιάροφ στην 5η προκριματική σειρά στα 5ομ πεταλούδα.

Στη ρυθμική γυμναστική, η Παντελίτσα Θεοδούλου αγωνίζεται στο Ατομικό/Σύνθετο Ατομικό (Στεφάνη και Μπάλα), και η Θέμιδα Χριστοδουλίδου επίσης στο Ατομικό/Σύνθετο Ατομικό (Στεφάνη και Μπάλα).

Αργότερα, οι δύο αθλήτριες θα αγωνιστούν Ατομικό/Σύνθετο Ατομικό στις Κορίνες και Κορδέλα.

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No agreement was reached on Thursday between the President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades and the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu on the issue of confidence building measures (CBM) and methodology.

According to reliable sources, today`s meeting, in the framework of the UN-led talks for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem, was “difficult”, with the leaders relegating the issues under discussion to their negotiators.

Andreas Mavroyiannis and Kudret Ozersay, negotiators of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot side respectively, will meet again on August 26, while the two leaders will meet a week later, on September 2.

According to the same sources, the President of Cyprus expressed during the meeting his readiness to reach an agreement on CBMs, the Turkish Cypriot side, however, did not seem ready to accept Greek Cypriot proposals.

President Anastasiades seems to have accepted the opening of a checkpoint in the Turkish-occupied village of Lefka, in the Nicosia District, while insisting at the same time to open a checkpoint in Athienou, in Larnaca District. Eroglu replied that this would be difficult and the discussion will be continued among negotiators.

Furthermore, sources say that both sides completed the submission of proposals on all issues related to the Cyprus problem. The Greek Cypriot side has presented 17 documents in total, while the Turkish Cypriot side 15 documents, covering all important issues. It is noted that while Turkish Cypriot positions, recorded in these documents, are not deemed satisfactory, it is positive that the submission of proposals has been completed.

Moreover, Eroglu seems to have said in today`s meeting that the second phase of talks has been completed and the third stage is about to commence, referring to the “give and take” process.

President Anastasiades replied to the Turkish Cypriot leader that a common basis for discussion needs to be agreed first and reiterated his proposal for the discussion to start with the preparation of a list by each side, containing convergences and divergences.

He proposed, furthermore, the two documents to be ready for comparison by September, with negotiators meeting twice a week in the meantime.

The President of Cyprus also seems to have expressed his readiness, the two leaders to meet more than twice a month, in order to achieve progress.

He also proposed to record convergences reached by the two leaders since agreeing to the joint communique, last February, with Eroglu dismissing the proposal.

The Turkish Cypriot leader did not seem to favor Greek Cypriot proposals either, to conduct more meetings in July 31 and August 1.


No common statement on missing persons

Prior to the meeting, the two leaders visited the anthropological laboratory of the Committee on Missing Persons and despite effort to have a common statement by the two leaders, Eroglu was negative.

Same sources say that President Anastasiades and the third member of the CMP Paul Henri Arni tried to persuade for the need of such statement, making reference to the importance of providing information on missing persons, granting access to all military archives containing such information and to allowing the CMP to work in military zones.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied its northern third.

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The “retreat” of the democratic process has been the most dramatic side effect of the financial crisis, Greek President Karolos Papoulias stressed in a statement on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the restoration of democracy in Greece.

The President expressed the nation’s gratitude to those who fought to topple the colonels’ dictatorial regime.

Papoulias also made references to extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party, which as he noted is “a neo-Nazi gang that preaches hate and strife”. In addition, he went on to argue that although “the phenomenon can be interpreted in many ways, it does not honor us as a country and people”.

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As a proud friend, today I want you, our Greek friends here in London to get to know an amazing professional football player but most important, an amazing character!

Born on the 13th of October 1997, Constantinos Panou was born in Athens, Greece, attending Doukas School in Marousi. As time went by, playing football at the school’s backyard started being much more interesting for Kostis in comparison with us, the others. His journey started at fourth grade in a team named Athens 90. After some time, he realised that playing football indoors can make his attributes increase much more than playing outdoors. Training hard every day, crushing every team on his way, he was able to achieve every single junior award that he could, creating a huge name for himself early in his career. During his tenure with Athens 90, he lifted 3 championships, 3 cups & one Super Cup!


After an amazing run with Athens 90, in 9th grade he decided to change team. As his coach had moved to Iperionas, he took a serious decision to follow him with his fellow team mate and best friend Vassilis Katsampas. They believed that they would be able to bring their successes at Athens 90’s to Iperionas, and so they did. They then went on to celebrate a double! As a reward for his work, he was called up to represent Greece’s national futsal team. At the age of 16, he was the youngest ever player to wear the colours of his country.The happy news didn’t end there for him, as a few days later it was announced that he would be able to represent his country as the captain in the second game! His dreams became reality more and more each day, and following his captaincy in that game, Kostis was awarded as the best player who first appeared in the A’ Division of futsal, allowing him to attend the Greek All-Star futsal game!


The main reason that people haven’t heard about Kostis, is that Futsal is not a popular sport in Greece, but this was not an obstacle for Madrid’s powerhouse Inter Movistar making Greece’s rising star one of their main future pieces by offering him a professional contract making him leave family & friends behind on his way to greatness. This is just the beginning of his exciting journey.

 I just wanted to say that I am very proud as a person to know you as a friend and I wish you all the best in the future with your success in the world of Futsal!

To see his highlights, click here:

Article written by Andreas Kalogeropoulos