This EU summit was one of the most productive meetings the EU has had, as far as the discussions among the member states are concerned, Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said here today, departing from the European Council building after the informal meeting of 27 EU leaders without British PM David Cameron.

President Anastasiades

President Anastasiades

“It was one of the most productive meetings we had as the EU. And creative. And I am talking about our discussions. Everyone was worried about the current situation in Europe: Euroscepticism, nationalist movements and other causes,” said the President of the Republic.

He said the EU heads of state discussed “the need for the new British government to notify the EU at the earliest possible, so as not to prolong the uncertainty, which creates multiple problems.”

“More importantly, however, as a result of the decision of the British people, we reflected on the actions that need to be undertaken, so that finally the people feel that Europe is theirs and not something remote or foreign to own their country,” he added.

Asked whether any specific decisions have been taken, President Anastasiadis replied that “a joint statement will be released and then there will be a specific plan in order to have what we call more Europe, or more effective European policies”

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