The Mad Video Music Awards 2021 had taken place this summer from the Technopolis City of Athens. The annual event is a celebration of the past 12 months of Greek music.

Hosted by Themis Georgantas with Konnie Metaxa back-stage, this year’s socially distanced awards were said to have latest state-of-the-art monitors inside the venue.

Eleni Foureira, Konstantinos Argiros, Helena Paparizou, Josephine, Giorgos Sabanis and more also took to the stage inside the Technopolis throughout the evening.

Melisses won Best Group for the record eighth consecutive award, in this specific category. The Greek band scooped a second award for Best Video Ballad, to ‘Misi Kardia’.

The Greek pop singer Eleni Foureira won a gong for Best Woman-Modern.

The former Cyprus Eurovision entrant, inspired spectators, with this advice, “To all girls out there, I’d like to say love yourselves, and you’re unique [translated]”.

Eleni Foureira has given fans a sneak peek at her new single, ‘Aeraki (To Thiliko)’. The ethnic banger is a sure-fire hit, which has already entered London Greek Radio playlists.

The late MAD CLIP who tragically died earlier this month [September], gave a performance, with Eleni Foureira, to the current hit single, ‘Mporei’.

Helena Paparizou won the award to Best Female Singer Adult. Meanwhile, Helena and Anastasios Rammos gave a performance to Helena’s current hit single, ‘Gia Poia Agapi’.

The Best Male Singer-Modern award went to singer/song-writer Giorgos Sabanis. He treated the music fans, to a solo-performance to ‘Agria Thalassa’. Elsewhere, Sabanis cosied up with Josephine to a Sumka remix to ‘Tipota’.

Aprodite Liantou and Liam Ireland handed over Best Pop Video to Josephine for ‘Ego’. The female singer also won the award for Best Duet, for her collaboration with MAD CLIP on ‘Fimi’.

Josephine energised the crowd with a fun-dance routine to ‘Paliopaido’, a Laiko-pop tsifteteli, Otherview remix. She sang alongside Azerbaijan’s Eurovision entrant Efendi, to ‘Mata Hari’ in Greek and English.

Anthi Voulgari and Iordanis Xasapopoulos had betrothed Best Greek Dance Video to Petros Iakovidis for ‘S’agapao Sou Fonaxa’.

Konstantinos Argiros won the Best Male Singer Adult award. The Best Video Laiko went to Argiros for his zeimbekiko hit, ‘Athina Mou’. Argiros even showed off a few zeimbekiko moves with a twist, and turn, on the Technopolis stage.

Giorgos Mazonakis won the acclaimed Best Song of The Year to ‘Ores Mikres’, a melodic and passionately sung-melancholy zeimbekiko.

Mazonakis on his acceptance of this award said, “Those behind these awards, and the public have understood that a good Greek Laiko song, has no age, its timeless” [Translated].

The Newcomer Award went to man-of-the-moment Giorgos Kakosaios. The very talented singer, song-writer, is the son of legendary Yiannis Ploutarhos.

Natasa Theodoridou was bestowed with the Honorary Award Music Icon and launched into a back-catalogue of hits while on stage to, ‘Xartopolemos’, ‘Kokkini Grammi’, ‘Paradothika Se Sena’, and a beautiful duet with Christos Mastoras to ‘Ela Pou Fovamai’.

Meanwhile, SNIK had aced Best Video Trap to ‘Etsi’.

The Best Music Video of the Year went to Hawk and Light for ‘Voodoo’.

Tamta and Mente Fuerte had clinched a radio award for ‘Den Eisai Edo’.

The guest acts and duets continued throughout the evening. Melisses and Tamta sang ‘Ola Teleiosan’ and ‘T’allo Mou Miso’.

Konstantinos Argiros and Giorgos Kakosaios had a duet moment to Argiros’ zeimbekiko hit song to ‘Paraskevi Proi’.

Petros Iakovidis sat on the stage’s step to chill with his acoustic version to ‘Mi Thymoneis’. He sang with Stefania to a remixed up-tempo version to ‘S’agapo Sou Fonaxa’.

Cyprus’ Eurovision representative 2021, Elena Tsagrinou in special remix performance for the show to ‘El Diablo’. Elena duets with Dimitri Tataraki to ‘I Zoi Sinehizetai’, a summer single released recently.

Greece’s Eurovision entrant 2021 Stefania sang the acoustic version to ‘Last Dance’ with a newcomer Archolekas. She even teased her fans with the upcoming single ‘Mucho Calor’.

Ivi Adamou and Stavento sang the current catchy hit to, ‘Gia Sena’. The Cypriot star, elsewhere, sung ‘Conga’ with Lil Koni.

Triantafillos teamed up with Alcatrash in fun remix rendition to ‘Psao Ta Rologia’.

Leon of Athens and Katerine Duska with a performance medley to ‘Kirmata’, ‘Athenian Skies’ and ‘Ela Mia Nixta’ were other highlights.

Stan had taken to the stage with a Reggaeton-infused mash-up to ‘De Ftais Esi’ and ‘Could you be loved’, with Ami Yiami, Nikos Mpartzis and James Kafetzi.

Demy, DuoViolins and Sergio T gave a performance to ‘I Can See Clearly Now’. Meanwhile, Light and MAD CLIP wooed fans to a strong hip-hop medley in Greek.

Helena Paparizou and Joanne sung ‘Mi’ and ‘Twisted My Sobriety’. Meanwhile, SNIK and Voyage performed the songs to ‘Diamanti’ and ‘Bounce’. Elsewhere, Tasos Xiarcho, Natasha Kay and Mple sung the song ‘Sta Mavra Exo Ntithei’.

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Article written by Tony Neophytou