Top 40 London Greek Radio ‘Airplay Chart’

December 01 to December 28, 2019

This month’s popular Greek song’s on LGR culminating in the final month, December of 2019.

LGR is celebrating Greek music and creativity on the air-waves.

This year, was no doubt brilliant for Greek music, our chart shows a few of our timeless festive favourites, to current choices, and new releases this winter.

The rankings are based on radio airplay detection as measured by the official ‘UK Airplay Chart’.

The best new music, latest and greatest Greek hits… tune in to LGR!

1 Despina Vandi – Xristougenna
2 Josephine – Den Echo Sima
3 Christos Mastoras, Dimitris Basis – Ena Lepto
4 Helena Paparizou – Christougenna Xana
5 Christos Menidiatis – Paratise Ta Ola
6 Eleni Foureira – 2020 S’ Agapo
7 Antzi Samiou – Ta Pio Glyka Xristougenna
8 Christina Salti, Ilias Vrettos – Taxidi Magiko
9 Anastasios Rammos – Se Dyo Mono Matia
10 Eirini Papadopoulou feat. Stamatis Houcholis – Halali

11 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Val’to Terma
12 Petros Iakovidis – Fovamai
13 Ivi Adamou feat. Konnie Metaxa – Pao
14 Christos Cholidis – Pali Sto Spiti Mou Charamata
15 Konstantinos Argyros – Ta Matia Sou Eroteftika
16 Kelly Kelekidou – Gia Hari Sou
17 Antonis Remos – Edo Kai Tora
18 Kostas Doxas – Seri
19 Wham! – Last Christmas
20 Notis Sfakianakis – H Mpalanta Ton Xristougennon

21 Nikos Kourkoulis – Eline Kai Edene
22 Kostas Martakis – Os Ta Xristougenna
23 Giorgos Livanis, Areti Ketime – Ela Apopse
24 Natasa Theodoridou – Den Me Afora
25 Andromachi – Na ‘soun Psema
26 Natasa Theodoridou – Hartopolemos
27 Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You
28 Konstantinos Tsachouridis feat. Melina Aslanidou – Mesa Stin Agkalia Sou
29 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Kathimerina
30 Nikiforos – Ta Leme To Vradi

31 Onirama – Pou Isoun Chtes
32 Stan – De Me Xereis
33 Panos Kiamos – Sto Ftero
34 Stelios Rokkos – Makari
35 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – De S’Agapao
36 Thanos Petrelis – Pao Diakopes, Ta Leme
37 Peggy Zina – Mesa Mou Kati Egine
38 Lena Zevgara – Ela Ela
39 Themis Adamantidis – Stin Kardia
40 Konstantinos Christoforou & Vasiliki Ntanta – Ki Iha Pou Les

Source: London Greek Radio, Official UK Airplay Chart
December 1st to 28th 2019 inclusive

Article written by London Greek Radio

Acclaimed Greek composer and former politician Thanos Mikroutsikos has died at the age of 72.

He was considered one of the most important composers of the recent Greek musical scene.

Mikroutsikos died at the Athens’ Metropolitan Hospital where he was treated for cancer. The hospital announced his death on Saturday evening.

He was born in Patra, on 13th April 1947.

He is the older brother of Andreas Mikroutsikos, who is also a musician/composer and a television show host. His wife is children’s author Maria Papagianni, whom he married in 1996.

He studied piano in the Philharmonic Society of Patras and in the Hellenic Conservatory. In addition, he studied Mathematics in the University of Athens.

He began composing at the end of the 1960s but only officially debuted in 1975, with the release of his album Politika Tragoudia (‘Political Songs’). He continued on this compositional path, setting to music the poems of Giannis Ritsos, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Manos Eleftheriou and Bertold Brecht, among others.

His album, Stavros tou Notou (Southern Cross), set to the poetry of Nikos Kavvadias, has been one of the musical landmarks of modern Greece.

He has worked with many renowned singers such as Maria Dimitriadi, Haris Alexiou, Manolis Mitsias, Dimitris Mitropanos, Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Christos Thibaios and Giannis Koutras, among others.

Hits including ‘Roza’,  ‘Erotiko’, ‘O Amlet Tis Selinis’, ‘Mia Pista Apo Fosforo’, ‘I Agapi Einai Zali’, ‘Mpoum’, famous songs that have captivated listeners on the London Greek Radio air-waves for years.

His music has been particularly well received and recognised in Western Europe. During his career, he has managed to liberate the form of Greek song, adding together elements from the modernist and classical western tradition. He also experimented with the combination of tonal and atonal sounds and with morphological variation.

He has been involved in Greece’s political life since the 1960s. During the turbulent years of the military junta (1967–1974), he was persecuted by the regime for his anti-dictatorial activities and ideas.

After the elections of October 1993, he was appointed as Deputy Minister of Culture by the new Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) government, serving alongside the late Melina Merkouri who was Minister of Culture. He was appointed to Merkouri’s position when she died in 1994, a position he kept until 1996.

Mikroutsikos’ funeral will take place at 2:30 pm (local time) on Monday at Athens’ First Cemetery, in a civilian ceremony, per his wishes.

Article written by London Greek Radio

British-Cypriot Bambos Charalambous wins Enfield Southgate constituency.

Labour’s Bambos Charalambous has been re-elected with 48.5 per cent of the vote and a majority of 4,450.

Labour took this seat from the Conservatives in 2015. Before that the Tories held the seat since 1950 with (the exception, 1997 and 2001 elections, with Stephen Twigg wins for the Labour party and elected-government).

In 2017 Charalambous won 51.7 per cent of the vote with a majority of 4,355 so results this year are very similar to before.

Running against Mr Charalambous and the closest competitor is David Burrowes, who was MP for the constituency for 12 years until 2017.

Burrowes got 39.1 per cent of the vote which accounted for 18,473 votes.

In the 2016 EU Referendum the constituency was fiercely Remain with 62.1 per cent of the electorate voting to remain in the European Union.

The constituency has an interesting make up with the southern parts being fairly urban and the northern parts semi-rural.

Enfield Southgate results:

2017 result: Bambos Charalambous, Labour

Luke Balnave, Green, 1,042
David Burrowes, Conservative, 18,473
Bambos Charalambous, Labour, 22,923
Parag Shah, The Brexit Party, 494
Rob Wilson, Liberal Democrat, 4,344

Photo: Bambos Charalambous Twitter

Article written by London Greek Radio

London-born Cypriot Erika Soteri is through to the live semi-final on The Voice franchise in Greece.

The show which aired its first live episode last Friday showed Erika advancing to the semi-finals, after her performance of the song “Ain’t Nobody”.   

Erika was supported by her mum and dad in the studio audience with a huge Erika Soteri banner.

Erika is one of the ace picks in Helena Paparizou’s Team and her parents are from Larnaca, Cyprus.

She advanced to the live shows after wowing her coach Helena Paparizou with a spectacular rendition of ‘Daddy Lessons’ during the ‘Battles’ round.  This was the third phase of the contest where the four mentors Eleonora Zouganelli, Panos Mouzourakis, Helena Paparizou and Sakis Rouvas, put two of their own team members against each other.  They then sing the same song at the same time in front of a studio audience before they each select one to advance.

During the blind auditions, Erika, who graduated with a First-Class Honours in the “ACM Guildford’s Musician Route Vocals Degree”, sang ‘Crazy’, making all four judges spin their chairs almost immediately.

On last month’s debut show, she only required one judge to “turn around” in order to make it through to the next stage of the competition, but Panos Mouzourakis, Sakis Rouvas, Eleonora Zouganelli, and Helena Paparizou all turned around!

Mr Rouvas ‘blocked’ Mr Mouzourakis during the voting process, which favoured the other judges’ odds. 

The mentors pulled out all the stops. Helena with, ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ and Sakis, with ‘Amazing Grace’ sang acapella covers to woo Erika.

Helena in her reaction to Erika’s performance said, [Translated] “You stand on the stage like a star, you’re sparkling. You have an exceptional voice. I admire that female interpretation of ‘Crazy’ which I’ve never heard been done like that before. I need to answer with a heart, it’s not a simple heart, its fast-moving; it’s explosive!”

Helena was also quite emphatic to Erika, continuing, [Translated] “If you join my team, not only will you reach the final, we will win the final!”

Sakis Rouvas added, [Translated] “When I first heard you, your voice was impressive. Now that I’ve seen, I don’t want to lose you. It shows that you have a background of studied music, a calm maturity that exceeds your young age, and this shows in your personality. This will help you as you move forward. You can decide to choose the right team, which I hope will be mine.”

Eleonora Zouganelli said to Erika, [Translated] “You are very good, the truth is that your positive calmness was followed by your voice. You have a long journey whichever team you ultimately choose. I would like you to join my team.”

Writing on her Facebook page, Erika said, [Translated] “The words cannot express the feelings I have in that moment when I stood on the stage. I experienced a lot of nervousness and the opponent was very strong. I’d like to say a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for your support and love that you have shown me. I used to have a dream that I’d find myself in the place where I am now, in my career and in my life, and I wouldn’t be able to achieve it without the love of Helena Paparizou and her team. Thank you for voting!”

Tune in and vote for Erika every Friday at 8pm on Greek channel SKAI.

London Greek Radio wishes Erika the best of luck in the show.

Article written by Tony Neophytou

Top 30 London Greek Radio ‘UK Airplay Chart’, November 03 to 30, 2019

This month’s popular Greek song’s artists on LGR… 

These rankings are based on radio airplay detections as measured by ‘UK Airplay Chart’.

Tune in to LGR to hear the latest and greatest Greek hits and the best new music.

1 Josephine – Den Exo Sima
2 Christos Mastoras, Dimitris Basis – Ena Lepto
3 Antonis Remos – Edo Kai Tora
4 Christos Menidiatis – Paratise Ta Ola
5 Elena Tsagkrinou – Logia
6 Peggy Zina – Mesa Mou Kati Egine
7 Christina Salti, Ilias Vrettos – Taxidi Magiko
8 Natasa Theodoridou – Hartopolemos
9 Eirini Papadopoulou feat. Stamatis Houhoulis – Halali
10 Andromachi – Na ‘Soun Psema

11 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Kathimerina
12 Ivi Adamou feat. Konnie Metaxa – Pao
13 Dimitris Karadimos – Einaste Ena
14 Nikos Kourkoulis – Eline Kai Edene
15 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Val’To Terma
16 Petros Iakovidis – Fovamai
17 Stan – De Me Ksereis
18 Natasa Theodoridou – Den Me Afora
19 Giorgos Sabanis – Min Anisicheis
20 Pantelis Pantelidis – Kako Skili

21 Elli Kokkinou – Taxe Mou
22 Konstantinos Argyros – Ta Matia Sou Eroteftika
23 Stelios Rokkos – Makari
24 Eleni Foureira, Lil Barty – Allo Level
25 Panos Kiamos – Sto Ftero
26 Konstantinos Tsahouridis feat. Melina Aslanidou – Mesa Stin Agkalia Sou
27 Nikos Vertis – Allaxa
28 Panos Kalidis – Anathema
29 Christos Cholidis – Pali Sto Spiti Mou Haramata
30 Giorgos Livanis – Ela Apopse

Source: London Greek Radio, the UK Airplay Chart
November 3rd to 30th 2019 inclusive

Article written by London Greek Radio