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Paintings will be available for purchase with 10% of the proceeds donated to the Mayors Special Fund Appeal, making a difference for mental health

This Xmas, why not treat that special person to an original, abstract painting

On Thursday 14th December Bellway Homes is hosting an exhibition of captivating, vibrant paintings by local artist, Michelle Janes.

The Mayor of Haringey will open the exhibition at Bellway Homes’ prestigious new development in Highgate, which from 6.30 promises a festive evening of culture, carol singers and canapés.

Paintings will be available for purchase with 10% of the proceeds donated to the Mayors Special Fund Appeal, making a difference for mental health.

Highgate Court, Bellway Homes, Bishops Road, Highgate, London N6 4HS.

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Lyme disease symptoms

Lyme disease symptoms

To raise awareness of Lyme disease in the UK, FIGHT LYME NOW has released a campaign song called ‘Fight it!’. It’s all to do with teaching people about the disease and the way it is currently treated.

The disease, which is spread by tick bites, has very limited available treatments in the UK meaning many patients have to go abroad to receive medical attention.

There is currently only one way of testing for Lyme disease in the UK and that only has a 50% accuracy rate. Many of the people tested may be getting false negative results.

The campaign is made up of a survey and a petition in aim to get the Government’s attention on the subject of the lack of awareness and treatment for the disease.

To get involved and help find a new test for Lyme disease, click here to join the fundraising efforts. Below is the song “Fight It!” We hope you’ll enjoy it and feel compelled to share it:

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Winter Appeal for Refugee Camps

Winter Appeal for Refugee Camps

Everyone must be aware of the massive influx of refugees from war devastated countries to Europe, and the dangerous journeys they have endured. Transit camps are where many of them end up, a crossing point from Greece to Macedonia.

Andrew Marr, a volunteer worker with Hackney Cypriot Association, is now at one of these camps, working alongside the Hellenic Red Cross, Medicins Sans Frontieres and other charity volunteers.  Andrew has appealed for help in what is an increasingly fluid and desperate situation. Border restrictions increase; the European response to the crisis is unresolved; and the severe winter weather has taken hold.

Andrew has appealed to his friends in the UK for help, and how can we refuse?  At the beginning of November he wrote:

“We are desperately short of everything; we have not nearly enough coming in. For me, the numbers of people heading our way, with the everyday possibility of FYROM (Macedonia) closing the border and the prospect of sub-zero temperatures, biting Northern Bora winds and driving rain or snow, we have a humanitarian disaster waiting to happen here. 

We need winter clothes, particularly children’s and babies (hundreds of children come through every day, some with no shoes at all) we need just about everything for babies; blankets, small easy to transport sanitary products such as toothbrushes, shavers, soaps etc  

Local people are very generous, and visit the camp with hot cooked food, but there are no kitchen facilities onsite”

Hackney Cypriot Association is collecting essential clothing and everyday goods that are urgently required and sending it over to the camps. This appeal is for the money needed for packing, freight transport and any other urgent needs at the camps.

To find out how you can help or to send a donation click here to visit the Hackney Cypriot Association charity page.

Article written by London Greek Radio

Keeping the name Rizokarpasso alive!

On the 29th November the Rizokarpasso Association celebrates 40 years and is hosting a very special dinner & dance at The Penridge Banqueting Suite, Arnos Grove.

The event will be a fundraiser for the Association which was created in the wake of the 1974 invasion to represent all of the UK Cypriots from Rizokarpasso and to help support their enclaved compatriots.  In 1977, the Association founded the Help Rizokarpasso charity in order to provide charitable aid to the enclaved and those who have been forced out of Rizokarpasso.

The event will provide food and drink for all guests, raffle prizes and music provided by a Greek DJ. The entry fee is £30.00 per person for what promises to be a memorable and enjoyable evening in the History of the Association of Rizokarpasso.

For more information and tickets telephone 0783 051 8245 or email

Rizokarpasso UK

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Laya is almost 5 years old, she has a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy which means she can’t walk, crawl or even sit on her own. The only way Laya can move is by having an electric wheelchair.

The particular wheelchair, which Laya needs, can lower her all the way to the floor so she can play with her brother, sister and other kids on the ground. It can raise her to she can watch mum cooking in the kitchen. It can even make Laya stand upright which she has never been able to do before.

This Snap Dragon wheelchair costs £25,000 and so her friends and family are desperately trying to raise the money so Laya can enjoy the summer using it.

Laya’s parents explain more about her condition:

“Our precious daughter Laya was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 (SMA 1) when she was just 8 months old. Laya is now nearly 5. SMA1 is a life limiting condition without a cure. Laya cannot walk, crawl or even sit by herself. She has very poor head control and she has extremely weak muscles. For instance a small apple is too heavy for her to hold. Although profoundly disabled, Laya’s brain is completely unaffected by her condition, she is very bright, loves to sing, read, tell stories and chat!

A year ago, her current wheelchair, Wizzy Bug, gave Laya her first taste of independence. For the first time she didn’t need to be pushed or carried, she was able to move in a direction that she chose, where and when she wanted to. We will never forget her smile on that day, it’s a memory we will always treasure. She has now outgrown Wizzy, which is a pre-school wheelchair for toddlers.

Laya is very special as there are only a small handful of children around the world with SMA1 who have survived passed the age of two. Because Laya is a bit of an anomaly she doesn’t quite fit into any specific category and so we have struggled greatly to get any charity or government funding for a powered wheelchair that will give Laya this level of independence. This is why we have decided to fundraise ourselves”.

To help change Laya’s story and assist in raising the money for the wheelchair she requires, click here to donate.

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Red Nose Day Buskathon

Red Nose Day Buskathon

Red Nose Day is back on Friday 13th March and once again, the nation is gearing up to put on their Noses, pull out all the stops, and get fundraising.

In aid of Red Nose Day, Anthony Webb estate agents have organised a Buskathon on Saturday 14th March located outside their office at 348 Green Lanes Palmers Green between 10am-4pm.

With the help of Centre Stage, a local Theatre School based in Southgate and their very own Martin McKelvey, the Anthony Webb team hope to entertain the public and raise funds for a great cause.

The Anthony Webb team will be providing the entertainment and all they ask in exchange is that the local community come along and have a good time: “Please pop along to support the local talent and donate! Staff from Barclays Bank, Palmers Green, will be on hand to collect donations and run a lucky dip for the children”.

The money raised for Red Nose Day is spent by Comic Relief to transform the lives of millions of people, both at home in the UK and across Africa.

They fund over 2,100 amazing projects, throughout the UK and since the last Red Nose Day, Comic Relief has spent £99 million helping over 12 million people – this includes money raised through Red Nose Day, Sport Relief and other fundraising.


Article written by Anthony Webb
Michelle Janes (Abstract Artist)

Michelle Janes (Abstract Artist)

I was so pleased that one of my favorite pieces was snapped up at a recent charity event at the Cypriot Community Centre in Wood Green.

“Emerald Light” is an optimistic vision where colour rather than substance was applied to achieve what some admirers have called “exuberant”.

The finished product was adapted from the original abstract painting to create a limited edition print. I decided to print on a diasec format in order to achieve the maximum gloss effect … a face mounting process that allows photographs to be bonded directly and permanently to Acrylic sheet.

The art work was Photograhed by the World famous firm John Jones and mounted by Kay mounting.

The piece was sold to a private buyer at the annual dinner dance of a charity which raises funds for children with special needs. The Chairman of SYNDESMOS ATOMON ME EIDIKES ANANGES John Kyriakides was delighted with the sale and commented afterwards “the proceeds will help to pay for social excursions and activities which mean so much to the children .”

The dinner was attended by local dignitaries and to all accounts was a great success.

Article written by Michelle Janes (Abstract Artist)
Ta Proxenia

Ta Proxenia

A compatriot from Greece, Michael Geronymakis, 25 years old, suffers from a very serious, rare and hereditary disease – Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy – that significantly disrupts the normal functioning of the liver. It is vital that he has a liver transplantation before this disease starts attacking his organs and nervous system causing them to deteriorate until he eventually loses his life.

The Actor’s Theatre is holding a Charity Show for Michael on Sunday 23rd November 2014 at 5:00pm at the Cypriot Community Centre, Earlham Grove, London N22 5HJ.

Michael Geronymakis

Michael Geronymakis

‘The Arranged Marriage’, is a comedy performed in Greek, revolving around the family of a beautiful young girl in London, that is desperate to find her a suitor to marry!

Let’s get together and have a laugh about something we Agglo-Greeks can all relate to and raise money for the lovely Michael who will be moving to London for his liver transplant in under a couple of weeks!
Spread the word to family and friends, and ATTEND!

£13.50 per ticket at the door.

If you are unable to attend and would like to donate, please donate here:
Lloyds Bank
Mr M Geronymakis
Sort code: 30-84-76
Account number: 59079360
For further information please contact Ellie on 07517921380 or

Article written by Ellie Christides

Calling all Zumba lovers across the land!

Alkionides Zumbathon

Alkionides Zumbathon

Alkionides UK is organising a fundraising Zumbathon to help raise necessary funds for their ‘Nest’ in Paddington.

They have hired out the entire of Bar Rumba so there is space for everyone!

All the money raised from this event will go towards paying for the charity’s ‘Nest’ which offers shelter to disadvantaged patients seeking medical treatment in UK hospitals.

Please aim to get to the venue at 12:30pm, the Zumbathon will start at 1pm!

Beginners are welcome!

For those of you that prefer a more relaxing Sunday, come along and watch the rest Zumba while enjoying your Sunday tipple.

Date: Sunday 16th November

Entrance: £10

Venue: Bar Rumba, 36 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 7EP

Time: 12:30pm-4pm

Fundraisers are welcome

For further enquiries please email or call 07596 118 181

The full event details can be found on our Facebook event page:

Article written by Tatiana

An exciting celebration of Greek music runs from 6 November – 23 November 2014 in aid of the Leukaemia Cancer Society.

This two-part celebration of rembetiko music – also known as the ‘Greek Blues’ – is inspired by the life of Greek-Jewish singer Roza Eskenazi, the ‘Queen of Rembetika’. Born in Istanbul’s Jewish Quarter, Roza led a fascinating life during a career spanning two world wars, four cultural capitals (Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Athens and New York), and incorporating the countless ethnic influences that Roza encountered on her journey.

Roza was at the forefront of the breakthrough of rembetiko music into popular culture, her music shaped the soundtrack of Greece for almost a century, and even today her unique sound is still identified with the soulful genre. In 1931 Roza was the first female Greek musician to sign a record deal with Columbia Records and HMV and travelled to America. She soon became one of their most popular stars recording a huge body of work comprising over 500 records, with far reaching influences.

My Sweet Canary

My Sweet Canary

Roza’s contribution to Greek music is particularly impressive considering that she survived the upheaval of the Greek-Turkish population exchange of 1923 involving around 2 million people, and became a single mother at 15. She also escaped persecution by the Nazis in the Thessaloniki occupation that resulted in mass deportation to Auschwitz of the Jewish community which made up around 20% of the city’s population in the 1940s.

Martha says: “This project was created to shine a spotlight on music that has shaped the soundtrack and people of the Mediterranean region for almost a century. The trilogy will pay homage and celebrate the music and culture of our elders. On this journey, we hope to add support to the mission of establishing rembetiko’s place on the World Blues stage, alongside Fado and Tango – and to introduce new audiences to a world which lies at the crossroads of East and West with the music that continues to echo throughout the region. It’s thrilling that we have so many young Greek musicians on board. Most of them were born in the UK but rembetiko, the music and spirit of their grandparents lives on, through them.”

Maria Nicolaou, Chairman of the Leukaemia Cancer Society says: “The Leukaemia Cancer Society is now celebrating its 20th anniversary and its aim to recruit potential bone marrow and stem cell donors is now even stronger. The charity is proud to be working with Martha and Eve and hopes to reach a wider audience with the launch of the Trilogy of the Greek Blues.”

Ticket sales from the tour will be donated to the Leukaemia Cancer Society, a charity that Martha is passionate about supporting in their endeavour to increase the number of Mediterranean bone marrow donors on the UK register.

My Sweet Canary – 6 November 2014

On 6 November 2014, the award-winning international feature documentary about the life of Roza Eskenazi, My Sweet Canary, will receive its UK premiere. Directed by Roy Sher, the film follows the exuberant musical journey of three young musicians – Mehtap Demir, Tomer Katz and Rembetika & Beyond’s Martha D Lewis – as they explore the history of rembetiko music and travel to London, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Thessaloniki and Athens, tracing the musical journey that Roza Eskenazi made in her life.

The documentary explores how, like other urban subcultural musical forms – such as the Blues, Fado and Tango – rembetiko grew out of particular urban circumstances and evolved to reflect the harsh realities of marginalized communities at that time, inspired by the experiences of refugees, the unemployed, impoverished and criminal underclass. Because it was regularly played in bars where hashish was smoked, and its lyrics were considered subversive – on themes such as prisons, poverty, love, lust and drugs – rembetiko was even banned for a time.

The documentary looks at how rembetiko, which originated in Smyrna, Turkey, from the 1920s onwards absorbed diverse cultural influences but has also had a far reaching impact on other musical forms. Most of all, it’s a journey into a world that has largely vanished, but whose sounds continue to echo through the Mediterranean Basin and beyond.

The UK premiere, in aid of the Leukaemia Cancer Society, will be followed by a UK release by Cineworld in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Brighton from 7 November 2014, opening the doors to local communities. The documentary has already been screened worldwide throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, India and Europe to great critical acclaim.

View the documentary’s official trailer here:

Homage to Roza – 23 November 2014

The second event is the much-anticipated launch of Martha D Lewis’ Homage to Roza album. Following her appearance in the film, My Sweet Canary, Homage to Roza features contemporary remakes of classic rembetiko songs by Roza Eskenazi, performed by Martha. The album provides a stimulating new contribution to the margins and borders of world music.

Martha is accompanied by legendary drummer Jack DeJohnette on the track that’s perhaps rembetiko’s greatest legacy – Misirlou. And top classic musicians from the jazz and world music scene will join Martha onstage to reinterpret the genre for a new audience. The tour begins at the prestigious London Jazz Festival on 23 November at Kings Place London.

Further information

Find out more at, and

To see the documentary please contact Sophie Toumazis or Elizabeth Dunk

 The Leukaemia Cancer Society is dedicated to ensuring that more people with blood cancer survive, have the best possible quality of life and that their families and carers get the support they need. The Leukaemia Cancer Society raises money devoted to the recruitment of volunteer bone marrow donors, research, education and patient care.


Article written by Sophie Toumazis