The Mad Video Music Awards 2021 had taken place this summer from the Technopolis City of Athens. The annual event is a celebration of the past 12 months of Greek music.

Hosted by Themis Georgantas with Konnie Metaxa back-stage, this year’s socially distanced awards were said to have latest state-of-the-art monitors inside the venue.

Eleni Foureira, Konstantinos Argiros, Helena Paparizou, Josephine, Giorgos Sabanis and more also took to the stage inside the Technopolis throughout the evening.

Melisses won Best Group for the record eighth consecutive award, in this specific category. The Greek band scooped a second award for Best Video Ballad, to ‘Misi Kardia’.

The Greek pop singer Eleni Foureira won a gong for Best Woman-Modern.

The former Cyprus Eurovision entrant, inspired spectators, with this advice, “To all girls out there, I’d like to say love yourselves, and you’re unique [translated]”.

Eleni Foureira has given fans a sneak peek at her new single, ‘Aeraki (To Thiliko)’. The ethnic banger is a sure-fire hit, which has already entered London Greek Radio playlists.

The late MAD CLIP who tragically died earlier this month [September], gave a performance, with Eleni Foureira, to the current hit single, ‘Mporei’.

Helena Paparizou won the award to Best Female Singer Adult. Meanwhile, Helena and Anastasios Rammos gave a performance to Helena’s current hit single, ‘Gia Poia Agapi’.

The Best Male Singer-Modern award went to singer/song-writer Giorgos Sabanis. He treated the music fans, to a solo-performance to ‘Agria Thalassa’. Elsewhere, Sabanis cosied up with Josephine to a Sumka remix to ‘Tipota’.

Aprodite Liantou and Liam Ireland handed over Best Pop Video to Josephine for ‘Ego’. The female singer also won the award for Best Duet, for her collaboration with MAD CLIP on ‘Fimi’.

Josephine energised the crowd with a fun-dance routine to ‘Paliopaido’, a Laiko-pop tsifteteli, Otherview remix. She sang alongside Azerbaijan’s Eurovision entrant Efendi, to ‘Mata Hari’ in Greek and English.

Anthi Voulgari and Iordanis Xasapopoulos had betrothed Best Greek Dance Video to Petros Iakovidis for ‘S’agapao Sou Fonaxa’.

Konstantinos Argiros won the Best Male Singer Adult award. The Best Video Laiko went to Argiros for his zeimbekiko hit, ‘Athina Mou’. Argiros even showed off a few zeimbekiko moves with a twist, and turn, on the Technopolis stage.

Giorgos Mazonakis won the acclaimed Best Song of The Year to ‘Ores Mikres’, a melodic and passionately sung-melancholy zeimbekiko.

Mazonakis on his acceptance of this award said, “Those behind these awards, and the public have understood that a good Greek Laiko song, has no age, its timeless” [Translated].

The Newcomer Award went to man-of-the-moment Giorgos Kakosaios. The very talented singer, song-writer, is the son of legendary Yiannis Ploutarhos.

Natasa Theodoridou was bestowed with the Honorary Award Music Icon and launched into a back-catalogue of hits while on stage to, ‘Xartopolemos’, ‘Kokkini Grammi’, ‘Paradothika Se Sena’, and a beautiful duet with Christos Mastoras to ‘Ela Pou Fovamai’.

Meanwhile, SNIK had aced Best Video Trap to ‘Etsi’.

The Best Music Video of the Year went to Hawk and Light for ‘Voodoo’.

Tamta and Mente Fuerte had clinched a radio award for ‘Den Eisai Edo’.

The guest acts and duets continued throughout the evening. Melisses and Tamta sang ‘Ola Teleiosan’ and ‘T’allo Mou Miso’.

Konstantinos Argiros and Giorgos Kakosaios had a duet moment to Argiros’ zeimbekiko hit song to ‘Paraskevi Proi’.

Petros Iakovidis sat on the stage’s step to chill with his acoustic version to ‘Mi Thymoneis’. He sang with Stefania to a remixed up-tempo version to ‘S’agapo Sou Fonaxa’.

Cyprus’ Eurovision representative 2021, Elena Tsagrinou in special remix performance for the show to ‘El Diablo’. Elena duets with Dimitri Tataraki to ‘I Zoi Sinehizetai’, a summer single released recently.

Greece’s Eurovision entrant 2021 Stefania sang the acoustic version to ‘Last Dance’ with a newcomer Archolekas. She even teased her fans with the upcoming single ‘Mucho Calor’.

Ivi Adamou and Stavento sang the current catchy hit to, ‘Gia Sena’. The Cypriot star, elsewhere, sung ‘Conga’ with Lil Koni.

Triantafillos teamed up with Alcatrash in fun remix rendition to ‘Psao Ta Rologia’.

Leon of Athens and Katerine Duska with a performance medley to ‘Kirmata’, ‘Athenian Skies’ and ‘Ela Mia Nixta’ were other highlights.

Stan had taken to the stage with a Reggaeton-infused mash-up to ‘De Ftais Esi’ and ‘Could you be loved’, with Ami Yiami, Nikos Mpartzis and James Kafetzi.

Demy, DuoViolins and Sergio T gave a performance to ‘I Can See Clearly Now’. Meanwhile, Light and MAD CLIP wooed fans to a strong hip-hop medley in Greek.

Helena Paparizou and Joanne sung ‘Mi’ and ‘Twisted My Sobriety’. Meanwhile, SNIK and Voyage performed the songs to ‘Diamanti’ and ‘Bounce’. Elsewhere, Tasos Xiarcho, Natasha Kay and Mple sung the song ‘Sta Mavra Exo Ntithei’.

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Article written by Tony Neophytou

Greek music composer and political activist Mikis Theodorakis, who was instrumental in raising global awareness of Greece’s plight during the 1967-74 military dictatorship, has died at the age of 96.

Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a three-day national mourning for the death of the music legend.

Born on the island of Chios, on 29th July 1925, Mikis Theodorakis studied music in Athens and Paris.

His work ranges from rousing songs based on major Greek poetic works to symphonies and film scores.

He was famous for his anthemic “Xrysoprasino Fyllo” a spirited, patriotic song which celebrated Cyprus. The original version was sung by Grigoris Bithikotsis in 1965 and numerous other artists have subsequently covered the song.

Perhaps the most recognisable Greek piece of music in the world was also composed by Mikis Theodorakis – the syrtaki from the film “Zorba the Greek” in 1964 for which he won a Grammy for in 1966.

His songs have also been performed by the world’s greatest-ever singers, such as The Beatles, Shirley Bassey and Edith Piaf.

He also composed the scores in the films “Z” (1969), which won a BAFTA for original music, “Phaedra” (1962), which included songs with lyrics by Nikos Gatsos, and “Serpico” (1973), for which he was nominated for another Grammy in 1975.

Theodorakis also composed the “Mauthausen Trilogy” — known as “The Ballad of Mauthausen” and the “Mauthausen Cantata” — a cycle of four arias with lyrics based on poems written by Greek poet Iakovos Kambanellis, a Mauthausen concentration camp survivor.

Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni wrote on Twitter, “Today we lost a part of the soul of Greece”, calling him “the one who made all Greeks sing poetry”.

President of Greece Katerina Sakellaropoulou hailed him as a “pan-Hellenic personality” who was also a universal artist and an invaluable asset of our musical culture.

“He was given a rich and fruitful life that he lived with passion, a life dedicated to music, the arts, our country and its people, dedicated to the ideas of freedom, justice, equality and social solidarity.”

LGR’s Chairman, John Kyriakides said, “He wrote so much music which has been heard globally by generations – and will live on for generations to come.”

Mikis’ request is to be buried in his ancestral homeland of Galatas, west of the Cretan city of Chania.

Everyone at LGR was saddened to hear of his passing and our thoughts and prayers to out to his family and friends. We will continue to pay tribute to his music on-air in the coming days and weeks.

Mikis Theodorakis 1925 – 2021

Article written by London Greek Radio

Top 40 London Greek Radio Airplay Chart. The definitive chart rundown this month, August, 2021.

This month’s biggest, most in demand hit songs.

The original Greek radio for London, best new music and timeless classics.

1 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Proti Thesi
2 Eleni Foureira – Aeraki
3 Giorgos Kakosaios – Poia Einai Afti
4 Michalis Hatzigiannis – Kanenas Monos
5 Konstantinos Christoforou – S’ Ena Tetarto
6 Giorgos Livanis – Thelo Ki Allo
7 Antonis Remos – Ego Gennithika Gia Sena
8 Loukas Giorkas – Gia Tin Ellada
9 Kaiti Garbi Feat. Dionisis Schoinas – Atofio Chrysafi
10 Konstantinos Argiros – Paraskevi Proi

11 Stavento, Ivi Adamou – Gia Sena
12 Ilias Kampakakis – Ola Einai Sto Myalo
13 Giorgos Sabanis – Tipota
14 Katerina Naka, Vasilis Dimas – Floga Pou Mas Kaiei [NEW]
15 Thanos & Alexandros Paiteris – Mia Agkalia
16 Christos Menidiatis – Teleftaia Agkalia
17 Antonis Remos – Otan Se Rotisane
18 Anna Vissi – Loulaki
19 Onirama, Locomondo – Kalokairi
20 Athina Politi – Pyrotechnima

21 Otherview – Tora Se Thymasai
22 Nikos Vertis – S’ Agapao
23 Lena Zevgara – Karma [NEW]
24 Giorgos Papadopoulos – Pote Tha Se Do (Sergio T. & Mr Spa Remix)
25 Evita Sereti, Stamatis Gonidis – I Agapi Einai Charisma
26 Nikiforos – Pes
27 Katerina, Giannis Ploutarchos – Poso Oraia Matia Echeis [NEW]
28 Giorgos Kakosaios – I Mia
29 Konstantinos Frantzis, Rodry Go – Almyra Filia [NEW]
30 Petros Iakovidis – Mou ‘leipses Poly

31 Helena Paparizou, Anastasios Rammos – Gia Poia Agapi
32 Eirini Papadopoulou – Ya Habibi [NEW]
33 Giannis Sofilas – Irema Ta Leo
34 Anna Vissi, Bambis Stokas – Ki Omos Den Teleionei
35 Josephine – 100% [NEW]
36 Nikos Vertis – Koita
37 Paola – Ematha Na Mathaino
38 Stan – Opou Vgei
39 Demy Feat. Sigma – Ela (prod. Grandbois) [NEW]
40 Dionysis Schoinas – Pos Thes Na S’ Agapao

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Article written by London Greek Radio

Top 40 London Greek Radio Airplay Chart. The definitive chart rundown this month, July, 2021.

This months biggest, most in demand hit songs.

Spinning the best new hit music, London to the world

1 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Proti Thesi
2 Stavento FeatIvi Adamou – Gia Sena
3 Michalis Hatzigiannis – Kanenas Monos
4 Antonis Remos – Ego Gennithika Xana
5 Loukas Giorkas – Gia Tin Ellada
6 Onirama, Locomondo – Kalokairi
7 Christos Menidiatis – Teleftaia Agkalia
8 Eleni Foureira – Aeraki [NEW]
9 Giorgos Livanis – Thelo Ki Alla
10 Katy Garbi, Dionisis Schoinas – Atofio Chrysafi

11 Nikos Vertis – S’ Agapao [NEW]
12 Evita Sereti, Stamatis Gonidis – I Agapi Einai Charisma
13 Sakis Rouvas – Pare Me Agkalia
14 Mad Clip & Eleni Foureira – Mporei
15 Konstantinos Christoforou – S’ Ena Tertarto
16 Giorgos Papadopoulos – Pote Tha Se Do (Sergio T. & Mr. Spa Remix) [NEW]
17 Josephine – Paliopaido
18 Giorgos Kakosaios – I Mia
19 Ilias Kampakakis – Ola Einai Sto Myalo [NEW]
20 Anna Vissi, Bampis Stokas – Ki Omos Den Teleionei

21 Helena Paparizou – Gia Poia Agapi
22 Panos Kalidis – San Trellos
23 Giorgos Kakosaios – Poia Einai Afti [NEW]
24 Triantafyllos – Spao Ta Rologia 2021 version [NEW]
25 Stan – Opou Vgei [NEW]
26 Panos Kiamos – Ypervoles [NEW]
27 Giorgos Sabanis – Tipota
28 Konstantinos Argiros – Paraskevi Proi
29 Nikiforos – Pes
30 Antonis Remos – Otan Se Rotisane

31 Paola – Ematha Na Matheno [NEW]
32 Athina Politi – Pyrotechnima [NEW]
33 Petros Iakovidis – Mou ‘lipses Poly
34 Pyx Lax, Christos Mastoras – Na Me Thymitheis
35 Giannis Grosis – Stin Akri Tou Kosmou [NEW]
36 Anna Vissi – Loulaki
37 Marina Satti – Pali [NEW]
38 Panos Kiamos, Anastasios Rammos – Sta Cheiorotera
39 Giannis Sofillas – Irema To Leo
40 Gianna Terzi, Paschalis Terzis – Gia Sena Mono (Rania Kostaki RMX)

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Article written by London Greek Radio

The legendary Greek singer Tolis Voskopoulos, singer-songwriter and actor whose career spanned more than six decades, has died. He was 80 years old.

Voskopoulos, a star of modern Greek folk music, died on Monday 19th July in an Athens hospital after a cardiac arrest, a few days before his 81st birthday and several weeks after being hospitalised with respiratory problems.

Born in Greece’s main port city of Piraeus Kokkinia on 26th July 1940 to parents who were refugees from Asia Minor, Voskopoulos was the youngest of 12 children and the only boy. He began his career as an actor, first appearing on stage at the age of 18 in 1953, and made his film debut a few years later in 1963.

Voskopoulos had a signature trademark as a crooner and romancer with his melodic, passionately-sung songs.

His first major musical success was considered to be the 1968 song “Agonia,” composed by Giorgos Zambetas, which sold over 300,000 copies, a record-breaking figure for Greek music at the time.

He had an impressive range of collaborations performing songs by George Zambetas, Mimis Plessas, Akis Panou, Thanasis Polykandriotis, Marios Tokas, Giannis Parios, George Katsaros, Kostas Virvos, Phoebus and many others.

Apart from music, Tolis Voskopoulos also starred in cinema and in theatre. One of Voskopoulos’ greatest theatrical hits was “Oi Erastes tou Oneirou” (Dream Lovers), which he performed opposite Zoe Laskari.

He also starred in roles alongside Vassilis Avlonitis, Rena Vlachopoulou, Kostas Chatzichristos and others.

Among his greatest hits were the musicals Singing Theatre (1978 with Maria Aliferi) and You Came Like a Dream (1998 with Angela Gerekou), where the theatrical script was based on the way they had met.

He is survived by his fourth wife, former actress and minister Angela Gerekou and their daughter Maria Voskopoulou.

Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said, “Tolis Voskopoulos was fortunate to be appreciated by his colleagues and adored by the public. He was a true, popular idol, a talented, intelligent performer who created a different, particular kind of entertainment on the stage.”

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis tweeted, he “lived as he sang, sang as he lived and in the same way he left: ‘unrepeatable,’ as his melodic lyrics will say forever,” [a reference to a Voskopoulos song-title].

LGR extends their condolences to Tolis Voskopoulos’ family and friends and we will continue to pay tribute to him through his music this week.

Article written by London Greek Radio

A young 16-year-old British Cypriot singer representing Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 took to the stage in Konstantinopouli.

Lisa Andreas from Gillingham, Kent, was the Cyprus act on May 12th 2004. 17 years later and in June 2021, ‘Stronger Every Minute’ is released globally for the first time. It will feature an extended mix and the never heard English/Greek version, which Lisa sang only once at one of the rehearsals in Istanbul.

Mike Connaris, a London-Cypriot producer and composer wrote the song, at his Mcasso Music studios in Soho, in London’s West End.

“I’m excited that Stronger Every Minute will be available on all streaming platforms and will give all the people that voted, and all the people that watched the performance, a chance to hit play and travel back to this time whenever they want.” Lisa Andreas told London Greek Radio.

This year was the very first Eurovision Song Contest semi-final, and Lisa was one of 22 contestants competing for just 10 places in the Final, held in the magnificent Abdi İpekçi Arena.

What can be revealed now, on the morning of the semi-final, Lisa had awoken with a sore throat and was in great discomfort. It was going to be a challenge for her to hit the highest notes of the song, so together with her producer, Mike Connaris, they hastily arranged a rehearsal in the hotel to change the melody of certain parts of the song.

The semi-final went well, but with 9 countries already announced as proceeding to the Final, there was only one envelope left to open. The tension in the green room was unbearable, but when “CYPRUS” was announced as the last of the 10, the Cyprus delegation went wild. Being announced 10th, meant that Cyprus took the last available spot of 21st in the Final, and Lisa went on to achieve 5th position, with Cyprus also receiving the Marcel Bezençon Award for composition, the first year this category had been introduced.

“My time at the Eurovision was truly magical. It’s difficult to encapsulate the entire experience into words. When I think of that time, it’s like a huge Eurovision bubble. I think back through meeting Mike and hearing Stronger Every Minute for the first time and recording the song (with hopes of being selected). I think of the months of preparation that came before and to the competition in Cyprus. I remember crying and being overwhelmed and shocked that I had been chosen by the entire country to represent them. My mum heard them say it first and I didn’t believe her! It was such an honour; a proud and humbling experience. I remember how proud my family and friends were and that is something that will always stay with me. There are so many stories- that we still tell – immense joy and many pivotal moments from that time that shaped who I am as a person and as a performer.”

“Everyone should attend the Eurovision Song Contest at least once in their life. You have to attend the Eurovision to really understand how wonderful it is. How much love there is. Love that is just pouring out everywhere. It affects the whole place. There is a buzz of excitement in the air that you can feel the moment you arrive and it just doesn’t stop until you leave. To have all of these people attending for their love of music and for the fun of it all, is wonderful. I made many special connections with people because of Eurovision.”

“There is a level of happiness and inexplicable comradery among the artists that is a reflection of how music itself makes you feel. It doesn’t feel like a competition at all.”

“Everyone was just thrilled to be there and be experiencing this ‘once in a lifetime’ music event together. It was like one huge music family. I feel incredibly grateful to have experienced that with artists from across the world and with my parents by my side too.”

The ‘Stronger Every Minute’ EP will be released through Mcasso Digital on June 4th, 2021 across all streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes & Amazon.

Article written by London Greek Radio, Mcasso Music

Top 40 London Greek Radio Airplay Chart. The definitive chart rundown this month, June, 2021.

This month’s biggest, most in demand hit songs.

Spinning the best new hit music and timeless favourites…

1 Loukas Giorkas – Gia Tin Ellada [NEW]
2 Kaity Garbi, Dionsis Schoinas – Atofio Chrysafi
3 Sakis Rouvas – Pare Me Agkalia
4 Konstantinos Christoforou – S’ Ena Tetarto
5 Mad Clip & Eleni Foureira – Mporei
6 Michalis Hatzigiannis – Kanenas Monos [NEW]
7 Panos Kalidis – San Trelos
8 Josephine – Paliopaido
9 Giorgos Sabanis – Tipota
10 Evita Sereti, Stamatis Gonidis – I Agapi Einai Charisma [NEW]

11 Konstantinos Argiros – Paraskevi Proi
12 Giorgos Kakosaios – I Mia
13 Petros Iakovidis – Mou Lipses Poli
14 Josephine – 100%
15 Alcatrash – Eisai Oti Echo [NEW]
16 Anna Vissi – Loulouki
17 Christos Menidiatis – Teleftaia Agkalia
18 Giorgos Tsalikis – Esy Ti Na Mou Peis [NEW]
19 Stan – Ki An
20 Helena Paparizou – Gia Poia Agapi [NEW]

21 Giorgos Papadopoulos – Pote Tha Se Do
22 Melisses – Pou ‘nai I Agapi
23 Stavento, Ivi Adamou – Gia Sena [NEW]
24 Gianna Terzi, Paschalis Terzis – Gia Sena Mono [Rania Kostaki RMX]
25 Christos Mastoras, Pix Lax – Na Me Thimithis [NEW]
26 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Proti Thesi [NEW]
27 Nikos Makropoulos – Kainourgia Premiera
28 Giannis Ploutarhos – Monos Mou
29 Panos Kiamos, Anastasios Rammos – Sta Hirotera
30 Onirama, Locomondo – Kalokairi [NEW]

31 Melina Aslanidou, Glykeria – Ftani Kai Perisevi
32 Gorgos Livanis – Thelo Ki Alla [NEW]
33 Anna Vissi, Babis Stokas – Ki Omos Den Teleionei [NEW]
34 Antonis Remos – Otan Se Rotisane
35 Markella – Fila Me [NEW]
36 Konstantinos Pantelidis – Ki An Me Miso
37 Nikiforos – Pes [NEW]
38 Antonis Remos – Ego Gennithika Xana [NEW]
39 Iasonas Mandilas – Apithano
40 Konstantinos Koufos – La Miami [NEW]

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London Greek Radio Est. 1989
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Article written by

Top 40 London Greek Radio Airplay Chart. The definitive chart rundown this month, May, 2021, is here.

This month’s biggest, most in demand hit songs.
Spinning the best new hit music and favourite tunes right now

London Greek Radio Est. 1989
Original. Authentic. Station

1 Konstantinos Christoforou – S’ Ena Tetarto
2 Kaity Garbi, Dionsis Schoinas – Atofio Chrysafi
3 Anna Vissi – Loulaki
4 Stefania – Last Dance [Greece Eurovision Song Contest 2021]
5 Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo [Cyprus Eurovision Song Contest 2021]
6 Stan – Ki An
7 Josephine – Paliopaido
8 Panos Kalidis – San Trelos
9 Petros Iakovidis – Mou Lipses Poli
10 Melina Aslanidou, Glykeria – Ftani Kai Perisevi

11 Giorgos Kakosaios – I Mia
12 Konstantinos Argiros – Paraskevi Proi
13 Josephine – 100% [NEW]
14 Giorgos Papadopoulos – Pote Tha Se Do
15 Giorgos Sabanis – Tipota [NEW]
16 Christos Menidiatis – Teleftaia Agkalia
17 Konstantinos Pantelidis – Kairo Tora Paei
18 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Emena Na Akous
19 Nikos Vertis – Koita
20 Christos Menidiatis – Teleftaia Agkalia

21 Melisses – Pou ‘nai I Agapi
22 Lampis Livieratos – 15 Grammta
23 Haris Alexiou, Onirama – Ximeronei
24 Sakis Rouvas – Pare Me Agkalia [NEW]
25 Mad Clip & Eleni Foureira – Mporei [NEW]
26 Panos Kiamos, Anastasios Rammos – Sta Hirotera
27 Nikos Makropoulos – Kainourgia Premiera [NEW]
28 Stelios Dionisiou, Filippos Pilatsikas, Pix Lax – Diafani Agapi
29 Giannis Ploutarhos – Monos Mou
30 Iasonas Mandilas – Apithano [NEW]

31 Freedom Fighters, Stamatis Gonidis, Vasilis Dimas – Siko Kai Zise
32 Dimitra Galani – O Vythos Sou
33 Antonis Remos – Otan Se Rotisane
34 Elli Kokkinou – Kapoia Mera [NEW]
35 Natasa Theodoridou – Paradothika Se Sena
36 Pegky Zina – Anatropi
37 Despina Vandi – Petra
38 Gianna Terzi, Paschalis Terzis – Gia Sena Mono [Rania Kostaki RMX]
39 Petros Imvrios – Thelo Na To Mathoun Oloi [NEW]
40 Valentinos Valeas – Skeftomai Pws Eisal M Allon [NEW]

Your Top 20 Chart Hits

Article written by London Greek Radio

Greece named 18-year-old Stefania Liberakakis as the 2021 Greek artist at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

The Greek broadcaster ERT announced Stefania at Eurovision’s Second Semi-Final, at Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena, this May. She was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands to Greek parents from Sofiko Evrou in Greece.

The re-selection of Stefania should mean her chance to shine following 2020’s cancelled contest, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Stefania’s song ‘Superg!rl’ that edition hit the buffers with the lack of Eurovision last year.

‘Last Dance’ is an 80’s slight retro up-tempo pop song, with catchy hooks, and on trend with music now. The radio friendly hit, which has entered London Greek Radio playlists.

A timely song about new starts or beginnings which are echoed in the “This ain’t our last dance” choruses, which reflects renewed sense of optimism, amid post-lockdown.

It a progressive well-built song, which initially starts slow atmospheric and then up-tempo on top of swirling hooks. Stefania dramatically drips over a cocktail of bass lines, scintillating strings and a “Ooh oh oh” refrain drives the up-beat vibes.

It shows off Stefania’s vocal range and she is a sympathetic and likeable.

The Eurovision veteran Dimitris Kontopoulos and music production ARCADE, composed and produced the tune, with lyrics by Sharon Vaughn. Teaming up with creative director Fokas Evangelinos has certainly proved fruitful, and with his reputation as the innovative stage creator, Greece has an ace up their sleeve.

The hi-tech staging has a few tricks with green screen, visual effects, which look impressive. It’s 80’s aesthetics with blues/purple neon and compliments the song’s vibes. There’s a city sky-scraper, or landscape in the backdrop.

Stefania is a strong performance artist, gives a cheeky wink to the camera and interacts with the public. She wears a cool purple catsuit, thanks to top Greek fashion designer Vrettos Vrettakos. The staging with digital invisible dancers looks pretty cool. The four dancers confirmed, as Nikos Koukakis, Marcus Giakoumoglou, Kostas Pavlopoulos, Giorgos Papadopoulos. At one point Stefania climbs the invisible stairs, the whole package, looks effective and it’s a slick, polished performance.

LGR’s Tony Neophytou said, “Stefania’s sincerity, talent, and telegenic looks are positive assets. It’s undeniably Eurovision competitive and captivating. Catchy hooks and effective staging elevates it, let’s hope the public has the appetite to lap it up”.

A well-made, music video ‘Last Dance’ with its cinematic aesthetics looks good indeed. There are a lot of ideas from Greek mythology unlike anything else and is creating a futuristic other worldly, thanks to the filmmaker Kostas Karidas. Stefania is at cross-roads in Athens at night, it’s eerily quiet, we guess, its lockdown. She leaps off a roof-top and is flying with Pegasus the winged horse, she’s carried off to the imagined world and there meets Atlas a Titan holding up the ‘universe’. All around her are dancing figures glowing in white, it’s futuristic and a dream-state, which the plot requires.

Stefania performs in the running order of 17 at slot number 4.

In 2016, Stefania represented The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision in Malta, as part of the three-piece girl group Kisses. Their upbeat song ‘Kisses and Dancin’ placed eighth in the contest.

Greece compete in the Eurovision Second Semi-Final which airs on Thursday 20th May on BBC4. The final is broadcast on Saturday 22nd May, at 8pm BST on BBC1.

London Greek Radio wishes Stefania and Greece the best of luck in the competition.

Article written by Tony Neophytou

After weeks of teasing the world with only the title ‘El Diablo’, the Cyprus Eurovision entry by Elena Tsagrinou has finally been released.

We were promised an up-tempo track which would be catchy and Elena has certainly lived up that script, releasing her official contest song for ‘El Diablo’ weeks ago.

Cypriot broadcaster CyBC confirmed that Greek star Elena Tsagrinou would fly the flag at the Eurovision Song Contest in The Netherlands in November last year. The 26-year-old Athenian songstress will perform in the Eurovision’s First Semi-Final, at Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena this May.

The entry is penned by producer Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, a Swedish Grammy-Award winner. He collaborates on the tune with Laurell Barker, Oxa, and Thomas Stengaard.

The up-tempo pop-dance feels current and mainstream. The radio friendly hit, which has entered London Greek Radio playlists. It is a competitive song, which no doubt is helping with its hopes and chances of qualifying and on the left-side scoreboard.

The talented songwriters have said that Spanish title ‘El Diablo’ [“Devil”], is a metaphor, which refer to a ‘bad boy’ in this context or even “aliti” in Greek.

LGR’s Tony Neophytou’s said, “Cyprus have a really catchy song with a useful hook and is instantaneous which a Eurovision song requires. The track starts with the chorus straight away, enhancing the immediate and instant nature of this song.”

The song is about a woman crying out for help after falling in love with a ‘bad boy’ known as ‘El Diablo’ and coming to identify with and bond with her abuser.

Elena playfully purrs with whisper-like prayer asking for help “Mamacita tell me what to do…” in the pre-choruses.

The children’s nursery chant in the middle eight sounds eerily scary and is a touch of fun.

CyBC in a statement said the song describes an abusive relationship and what it means to be a victim of this abuse. “The song represents the age-old battle between good and evil and it speaks of a problematic relationship between a man and woman who suffers from Stockholm Syndrome – the psychological condition when a victim of abuse identifies and bonds with their abuser – who seeks help to get out and the truth always shines.”

Cyprus will be staged with the help of Austrian artistic director Marvin Dietmann who helped Austria to a Eurovision triumph in 2014 with their song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’.

The involvement of the Austrian creative highlights the Cypriot ambition to impress at this competition.

Elena Tsagrinou said, “My professional team is working extremely hard, with strict disciplined five-hour rehearsals every day for a while. My mindset feels like that of an athlete that is training for something huge, like this contest [translated].”

Mr Neophytou’s view, “Cyprus chances at qualifying are good and in a semi-final with competition in this genre. The catchier Cypriot song, and elevated staging helps to sell it, let’s hope the song qualifies.”

The Cypriot delegation will be quietly optimistic about their qualifying chances for a sixth year. The best ever runners-up result with Eleni Foureira’s ‘Fuego’ in 2018.

Elena is the star of the official music video with her dancing solo which suggests a complete package as a performance singer and stage artist. Her sassiness and seductive gazes are a nice, subtle touch, which the song requires. She is likeable, attractive, and telegenic which helps sell the song. Elena’s joined by her fellow male dancers as song climaxes, hoisted mid-air on the dancer’s shoulders.

Elena began her music career in 2008 as the lead soloist of the Greek band OtherView, before pursuing a solo career after she left them in 2018.

Cypriot chiefs have stuck to the successful formulae, of internally picking artist and song-package. Elena is signed to Panik Records one of Greece’s biggest music labels in Greece, and Cyprus, releasing many top hits from Cypriot and Greek artists which are everyday hits on the LGR air-waves.

Elena performs in the running order of 16 at slot number 8.

Cyprus competes in the First Eurovision Semi-Final which airs on Tuesday 18th May on BBC Four. The Top 10 qualifying counties through to the Final on Saturday 22nd May, on BBC One.

London Greek Radio wishes Elena and Cyprus the best of luck in the Eurovision.

Article written by Tony Neophytou