An opinion survey has found that Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots feel Cypriots above all and they are positive to establishing a Cypriot identity as an element that would bring the inhabitants of the divided island of Cyprus together, Chairman of the University of Nicosia Board Nicos Peristianis told a press conference on Wednesday.


Peristianis presented the results of the survey conducted by IMR/University of Nicosia on behalf of the New Cyprus Association, according to which the fulfillment of this desire is not easy due to the lack of a collective identity and substantive communication between the two sides as well as because Cypriots find it difficult to imagine ways of building a “joint roof” and a common future.

Invited to determine their identity, Greek Cypriots responded: 48% Cypriot, 43% more Cypriot than Greek/equally Cypriot and Greek, 9% Greek/more Greek than Cypriot. Responds from the Turkish Cypriot side were: 88% Cypriot, 6% equally Cypriot and Turk, 6% Turk/Turkish Cypriot.

Asked how useful it would be to have a common Cypriot identity, Greek Cypriots replied: 67% very useful/quite useful and Turkish Cypriots 80% very useful/quite useful.

Moreover, 27% of the Greek Cypriots said that it would be better for a Cypriot identity to be established prior to a solution to the Cyprus problem, 26% both prior and after a solution and 24% after a solution, while 23% responded negatively. Turkish Cypriots replied 76% before a solution, 16% both before and after a solution and 8% after a solution

With regard to the type of the solution 44% of the Greek Cypriots and 15% of the Turkish Cypriots were in favour of a united state, 24% of the Greek Cypriots and 30% of the Turkish Cypriots in favour of a federation, 14% of Greek Cypriots and 29% of Turkish Cypriots in favour of two separate states, 8% of the Greek Cypriots and 19% of the Turkish Cypriots in favour of the current situation and 4% of the Greek Cypriots and 5% of the Turkish Cypriots in favour of a confederation.

The survey involved 500 telephone conversations and was conducted using a structured questionnaire for each of the two communities during the period of November to December 2014.

Article written by CNA
Xylouris White

Xylouris White

On Tuesday 21st April Xylouris White will be playing at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch.

Xylouris White is the collaboration between two masters of contemporary music: Giorgos Xylouris (aka Psarogiorgis) the master lutenist who has been described as the future of Cretan music and Jim White, founder of the internationally acclaimed trio Dirty Three.

Xylouris White makes a compelling new blend of melody and rhythm – an exhilarating experience to watch.

Having first played together in Melbourne, the duo has been on a wonderful journey across three continents. Although these new experiences have added many riches, neither has lost touch with the best of their diverse traditions.

The Ace Hotel is located at 100 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JQ.

Presale tickets are £12.00 + b/f. For more information click here.

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Kiamos & Stan

Kiamos & Stan

Yes music lovers, you heard us correctly, Stan and Panos Kiamos have joined forces to release a brand new song titled ‘Panw Sto Tzami’.

Stan confirmed the news of his collaboration with Panos Kiamos and Icon Music, through his official Facebook page. He wrote that in a few days, a brand new song from Panos Kiamos with lyrics and music by him and Icon Music will be released.

Note that the two singers are currently performing this season at Club 22 with Eleni Xantzidou.

Panos Kiamos, an established singer who is highly recognized for his previous strong collaborations with major singers in Greece, is bound to amaze the audience with the new song ‘Panw Sto Tzami’.

We are certain that their new song that will undeniably surprise and to say that we are looking forward to it, would be something of an understatement.

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The Greek government formally submitted a request on Thursday for a six-month extension of the country’s EU loan programme in a last-ditch attempt to break the deadlock with its creditors and partners in the euro zone area. However, the biggest creditor, Germany, has rejected Greece’s application, arguing that it doesn’t represent “a substantial proposal for a solution”. A development that has substantially lowered expectations for an agreement to be reached in tomorrow’s meeting of eurozone finance ministers.


Read below the text of the letter sent by Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis to his Dutch counterpart Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the Eurogroup of eurozone finance ministers, requesting an extension of the debt stricken country’s current aid programme.

The letter was seen by Reuters on Thursday:

“Athens, February 18, 2015

Dear President of the Eurogroup,

Over the last five years, the people of Greece have exerted remarkable efforts in economic adjustment. The new government is committed to a broader and deeper reform process aimed at durably improving growth and employment prospects, achieving debt sustainability and financial stability, enhancing social fairness and mitigating the significant social cost of the ongoing crisis.

The Greek authorities recognise that the procedures agreed by the previous governments were interrupted by the recent presidential and general elections and that, as a result, several of the technical arrangements have been invalidated. The Greek authorities honour Greece’s financial obligations to all its creditors as well as state our intention to cooperate with our partners in order to avert technical impediments in the context of the Master Facility Agreement which we recognise as binding vis-a-vis its financial and procedural content.

In this context, the Greek authorities are now applying for the extension of the Master Financial Assistance Facility Agreement for a period of six months from its termination during which period we shall proceed jointly, and making best use of given flexibility in the current arrangement, toward its successful conclusion and review on the basis of the proposals of, on the one hand, the Greek government and, on the other, the institutions.

The purpose of the requested six-month extension of the Agreement’s duration is:

(a) To agree the mutually acceptable financial and administrative terms the implementation of which, in collaboration with the institutions, will stabilise Greece’s fiscal position, attain appropriate primary fiscal surpluses, guarantee debt stability and assist in the attainment of fiscal targets for 2015 that take into account the present economic situation.

(b) To ensure, working closely with our European and international partners, that any new measures be fully funded while refraining from unilateral action that would undermine the fiscal targets, economic recovery and financial stability.

(c) To allow the European Central Bank to re-introduce the waiver in accordance with its procedures and regulations.

(d) To extend the availability of the EFSF bonds held by the HFSF for the duration of the Agreement.

(e) To commence work between the technical teams on a possible new Contract for Recovery and Growth that the Greek authorities envisage between Greece, Europe and the International Monetary Fund which could follow the current Agreement.

(f) To agree on supervision under the EU and ECB framework and, in the same spirit, with the International Monetary Fund for the duration of the extended Agreement.

(G) To discuss means of enacting the November 2012 Eurogroup decision regarding possible further debt measures and assistance for implementation after the completion of the extended Agreement and as part of the follow-up Contract.

With the above in mind, the Greek government expresses its determination to cooperate closely with the European Union’s institutions and with the International Monetary Fund in order: (a) to attain fiscal and financial stability and (b) to enable the Greek government to introduce the substantive, far-reaching reforms that are needed to restore the living standards of millions of Greek citizens through sustainable economic growth, gainful employment and social cohesion.


Yanis Varoufakis

Minister of Finance

Hellenic Republic”

Article written by LGR

The roll call vote for a new President of the Republic took place in Parliament on Wednesday and as expected, the government-sponsored candidate Prokopis Pavlopoulos (pictured) was elected with an overwhelming majority.


The new President received 233 votes (from SYRIZA, the Independent Greeks and New Democracy), while the River and PASOK-nominated candidate Nikos Alivizatos received 30 votes and 32 MPs (KKE and Golden Dawn) decided to abstain.

Of the 300 MPs only 295 voted, as SYRIZA’s Yannis Michelogiannakis and Anna Gaitani and from New Democracy Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Alexandros Kontos and Savvas Anastasiadis were absent.

After the election, Mr. Alivizatos congratulated the new President and wishing him well in his new role. Mr. Alivizatos also expressed the hope that the new President will be a guarantor of democratic normalcy and not a passive observer of political developments.

The new President commented that the highest honor has turned into the greatest duty and stressed the four principles of the Presidential oath; strict adherence to the Constitutions, defending national sovereignty, protecting the vulnerable and the public interest. Mr. Pavlopoulos argued that “we are struggling with the other European people not just for us, but for Europe itself”.

Article written by To Vima

The President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker and the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiades held a friendly and fruitful meeting and reviewed different issues on the agenda of the informal European Council, which takes place here today.

President Anastasiades (L)- Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

President Anastasiades (L)- Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

They discussed the economic situation in Europe and in Cyprus.

President Anastasiades referred to the efforts made by Cyprus in the context of the Economic Adjustment Programme and they both agreed on the need to continue with the reform momentum.

They agreed that the Eurozone must continue to be based on solidarity in return for solidity.

They also discussed the Cyprus settlement process and Juncker expressed his support to the negotiations that should take place in a conducive environment. Both Presidents share the same vision for a reunited Cyprus.

Article written by CNA

Privé Productions in association with The Floor Shop Ltd are proud to present Giorgos Tsalikis plus Special Guests for a crazy club night in London Town at the O2 Academy Islington.

Tickets available from (O2 Priority NOW on Sale / General Sale from Monday 9th February).

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The ‘Eurosong 2015 – a MAD Show’ project will be a woman’s affair.  Greece, after numerous debates, joins the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, Austria. The ‘Eurosong 2015’, a project similar to the Eurovision Song Project Cyprus, will take place in March just before the deadline set by the European Broadcasting Union to select representatives.

Since its debut in 1974, Greece has participated 36 times in the Eurovision Song Contest winning it in 2005 with the song “My number One” performed by the Greek-Swedish singer Elena Paparizou. Greece was placed third three times; in 2001 with the dynamic duo Antique and their song “Die for you”, in 2004 the showman Sakis Rouvas and his song “Shake it” and in 2008 the sweet Greek-American singer Kalomoira with “My Secret Combination”.

As an active member of the Eurovision Song Contest, Greece has hit rock bottom twice finishing in 20th place (Greece’s worst result) in 1998 with Thalassa-Mia mikri evesthisia receiving only 12 points in total from…Cyprus. In 2014 Freaky Fortune ft. RiskyRidd and their song “Rise Up” received only 35 points finishing again in 20th place. Ouch…

Let’s meet the possible contestants:



Shaya: The Danish-Greek Singer originally known from the girl band Hi-5 is on the run to win the public’s vote in order to represent Greece in Vienna. Shaya is currently pursuing a solo career and has been established as a dance pop singer after the recent collaborations with the Greek DJ Mark F. Angelo. The summer hit “Far from Everything” procured global recognition and won the Best Greek Act at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards. Shaya with Mark F. Angelo were chosen as the opening act for David Guetta’s concert in Montenegro. With her attitude on stage and her stunning voice, Shaya is sure on the top of the list.




C:Real: The popular Greek pop rock band consists of four members: Georgia Lazopoulou (Vocals), Giannis Giannikos (Lead Guitar) Takis Damaschis (Guitar) Ilias Laitsas (Drums). With no official confirmations yet, Giannis, Takis and Ilias are so far the only men contestants of the show. Up until 2002, the band’s releases were in English. With Irini Douka’s addition to the band as a lead vocalist, the band began to release songs in Greek. C:Real gained commercial and radio success since their first Greek track “Tha se thimamai”. One of the biggest successes was marked in 2006 with their fifth album which included the songs “Kathe mou Skepsi” and “Epikyndina se Thelo” which had a mix of ethnic, dance and pop rock sounds. In 2010, the band announced that the lead vocalist had decided to depart the band choosing to embark on a solo career. With a new sound, new image, new vocalist and their return to Sony Music Greece, Georgia and the boys will compete at the Eurosong 2015 for a place on Vienna’s Eurovision stage.

Thomai Apergi: She is the new voice of Greece. She is fresh, she is young…she is Thomai. Her distinctive voice brings her back once again on the Eurosong project’s stage. Thomai participated in the ‘Eurosong 2013 – A MAD Show’ with the song “One last Kiss”. Though the song was one of the favourites, she came third out of the four contestants. “You keep me Rolling” is Apergi’s recent single. The lively song has a funk character and soul influences. It takes us back in time where Apergi reminisces her childhood through her musical influences of smooth jazz, dance bossa nova, downtempo electronica and funk. This year she is back and we are sure she will astound the audience.


Thomai Apergi, Maria-Elena Kyriacou Eurovision

Thomai Apergi, Maria-Elena Kyriacou Eurovision

Maria Elena Kyriacou: Last but not least, this Greek-Cypriot singer competes for the prestigious place on the stage in Vienna. The winner of ‘The Voice of Greece’ astonished the audience with her grandeur voice. Born and raised in Cyprus, at the age of 29 Maria Elena auditioned with the song “Because of you” by Kelly Clarkson at the blind auditions of ‘The Voice of Greece’. All four coaches battled for her to join their team however she selected Despina Vandi’s team. With the same song as the blind auditions, Maria Elena was crowned the winner of contest signing a record deal with Universal Music Greece and winning everyone’s heart with her single “Dio Egoisimoi”. We expect to see a lot more from the beautiful singer.

Withdrawals: Tamta, Dionysis Schoinas.

Tamta’s withdrawal from the line up for the Eurosong 2015 led to a big disappointment. After her disinterest in participating in the upcoming Greek national final, she was replaced by Maria Elena Kyriacou. The Eurofans wanted Tamta desperately to participate as she was a hot favourite.

Dionysis Schoinas’ withdrawal is yet to be officially confirmed as well as his replacement. Rumours are swirling that Barrice will be the ultimate replacement.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Article written by Malvina