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The government of Cyprus has clarified that it has not received a proposal to move the Cyprus reunification talks or to have a conference on the issue of guarantees on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos.


In a written statement Government Spokesman Nicos Christodoulides (pictured) also reiterates the government`s focus on the dialogue and expresses its “determination not to consent to the kind of actions that in essence impede the process that is under way.”

“With regard to the public dialogue that is taking place on the occasion of the invitation to the President of the Republic for Davos, the Government wishes, first of all, to clarify that it has not been the recipient of a proposal for the transfer of the talks (on the Cyprus problem) and/or for the holding of any conference that would concern the issue of guarantees, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos,” Christodoulides notes.

Moreover, he continues, “as the President of the Republic himself has also made clear, at the present phase of the dialogue that is under way, such a thing would be premature and under no circumstances helpful.”

Presently, he recalls, “there is a process under way for the resolution of the Cyprus problem, and our side is doing whatever is possible so that those prospects are created that would allow us to be optimistic for a positive outcome which will terminate the occupation and reunite our homeland.”

“Whatever ideas and/or thoughts, in which – it is repeated – the Government was not a participant, succeed only in creating problems in the dialogue that is under way”, he points out.

And because nobody wishes more than our side for the present negotiating process to bring specific positive results, the Spokesman stresses, “we reiterate our concentration on the dialogue and we express our determination not to consent to the kind of actions that in essence impede the process that is under way.”

Cyprus was divided in 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. UN backed talks resumed in May aiming to reunite the island under a federal roof.

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Mario Frangoulis sings Christmas songs for charity cause...

Mario Frangoulis sings Christmas songs for charity cause…

On the 23rd of December, there will be a Christmas Charity Concert, Reception and Dinner featuring Mario Frangoulis, at the ‪Jumeirah‬ Carlton Tower Hotel in ‪‎Knightsbridge‬, in support of the ‎British Red Cross and ‪Hellenes and Philhellenes Worldwide.

Accompanying Greek tenor, Mario Frangoulis will be a pianist (Stathis Soulis) and a string quartet, (Jonathan Hill in Violin, Mike Gray in Violin, Ivan McrCeady in Cello and Christopher Pitsillides in viola), will perform Christmas songs recorded in Abbey Road Studios and the new album ”Tales of Christmas” will for the first time be performed in the UK.

Artists Christina Deljanov, Konstantinos Kapetanopoulos, Evangelos Konstantelos, Mina Kordali, and Stella Viopoulou-Voulgaraki, will be displaying their art work.

The special guests on the night, will be His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain, the member of the British Royal Family Her Royal Highness Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia and Serbia, his Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Alsaud of Saudi Arabia and Lady Colin Campbell. Also among guest-list is the President of the British Red Cross Lady Lamport, the Vice-President of the British Red Cross Solangela Garbutt, his Excellency the Greek Ambassador to the UK, Konstantinos Bikas, his Excellency the High Commissioner of Cyprus Evripides Evriviades.

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His Excellency, the High Commissioner of Cyprus in the UK Euripides L. Evriviades (pictured) recently gave a speech  entitled “Cyprus: Prospects for reunification, peace with Turkey and regional stability” at Oxford University


The event was organised by Oxford University’s research centre of South East European Studies (SEESOX).

If you click on the link below you can read a summary of the High Commissioner’s speech, penned by David Madden (SEESOX Associate and Senior Member of St Antony’s College)

Cyprus: Prospects for Reunification, Peace with Turkey and Regional Stability

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China closely follows developments in the Cyprus issue and supports its efforts to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Foreign Minister of the People`s Republic of China Wang Yi, who concludes today an official visit here, has said.

In statements after a meeting with Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides, the Chinese FM said he looks forward to a mutually acceptable solution of the Cyprus problem on the basis of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

The two Ministers discussed the deepening of bilateral relations, with Wang saying that they could cooperate in infrastructure, hydrocarbons, tourism, ports and agricultural products. Kasoulides said that Cyprus supports China`s initiative for the Silk Route and looks forward to concrete prospects of cooperation. He also said that Cyprus submitted an application to become a regional member of the Asian Infrastructure and Development Bank.

Welcoming the Chinese official to Cyprus, Kasoulides said that he was briefed in the morning by the Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades on the Cyprus talks and they underlined the crucial role of the UNSC in the implementation of a solution.

Kasoulides pointed out that China follows with great interest developments in the Cyprus problem and thanked his Chinese counterpart for China`s principled stance on Cyprus` territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The two Ministers also discussed EU – China relations, Syria and other regional issues.

In his initial statement to the press, Wang Yi said that his visit to Cyprus aims to deepen the mutual political trust which defines the relations between the two states as well as the promotion of practical cooperation. He stressed Cyprus` strategic geographical position


Referring to the Cyprus issue, the Chinese FM said his country, as a permanent UNSC member state, follows developments in the Cyprus peace talks and supports the efforts of the Republic of Cyprus to retain its sovereignty and territorial integrity. China, he said, will continue playing a positive role at the UNSC.

As regards bilateral cooperation, he said that China is ready to discuss cooperation in the maritime sector by contributing to the upgrading of the Cypriot ports, as well as the development of industrial areas around the ports.

Wang said that other fields of cooperation could be infrastructure and hydrocarbons, as well as tourism. Referring to the latter, the Chinese Minister said that this year, 120 million Chinese tourists traveled abroad, noting that if only 1% of them visits Cyprus, then the island could receive 1,2 million additional tourists.

He added that the last sector of cooperation could be agricultural products such as olive oil, wine and milk products.

Replying to a question whether the Republic of Cyprus would provide facilities for Chinese warships, Minister Kasoulides noted that “Cyprus’ ports are open and Chinese warships are welcome to approach our ports. I recall that during the operation on the chemical weapons in Syria, a Chinese warship was docked here, being part of the escort of the merchant ship.”

Finally, in relation to the role that the Security Council could play in case of a solution of the Cyprus problem, Foreign Minister Kasoulides noted that his Chinese counterpart listened with great interest President Anastasiades’ views about the role of the Security Council in the adoption, as well as the monitoring and implementation of the solution. “I believe there is understanding on behalf of China, but the final outcome, will be subject to consultation among the Permanent Members of the Security Council”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs concluded.

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Official results from New Democracy’s  leadership election held Sunday were expected in the afternoon a spokesman said Monday adding the party was waiting for election committees across the country to fax results.


He said the process is in line with the party charter.

According to unofficial results leaked by Greece’s conservative party, former Parliament speaker Evangelos Meimarakis was the winner of Sunday’s election garnering around 40 percent of the vote. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a former minister of administrative reform, was runner up with about 30 percent.

Meimarakis and Mitsotakis will face off in a second round on January 10

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Steve Harvey On Twitter

Steve Harvey On Twitter

The wrong name was announced as the winner of Miss Universe 2015 in Las Vegas last night.

Host, Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez to be the winner of Miss Universe 2015 but then after she went on stage to receive her crown and perform the ritual wave, he came back on the stage to announce that he had made a mistake and the actual winner in 2015 was Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (Awkward!)

Not only did he make a mistake on live television, he also made a spelling mistake on his first apology tweet, which he later deleted.

#MissUniverse2015 was one of the biggest trends on twitter last night; there were many jokes and memes about this mistake all over twitter. The reaction was mixed, some people were angry some were sympathetic towards Harvey however most people thought his mistake was hilarious.

Steve Harvey tweeted a second apology on twitter, now with the correct spelling of each candidate in the pageant, “I’d like to apologize wholeheartedly to Miss Colombia & Miss Philippines for my huge mistake. I feel terrible.” Harvey sent this apology after the public roasted him on twitter about his first apology and calling out the wrong name on live television.

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Lyme disease symptoms

Lyme disease symptoms

To raise awareness of Lyme disease in the UK, FIGHT LYME NOW has released a campaign song called ‘Fight it!’. It’s all to do with teaching people about the disease and the way it is currently treated.

The disease, which is spread by tick bites, has very limited available treatments in the UK meaning many patients have to go abroad to receive medical attention.

There is currently only one way of testing for Lyme disease in the UK and that only has a 50% accuracy rate. Many of the people tested may be getting false negative results.

The campaign is made up of a survey and a petition in aim to get the Government’s attention on the subject of the lack of awareness and treatment for the disease.

To get involved and help find a new test for Lyme disease, click here to join the fundraising efforts. Below is the song “Fight It!” We hope you’ll enjoy it and feel compelled to share it:

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Winter Appeal for Refugee Camps

Winter Appeal for Refugee Camps

Everyone must be aware of the massive influx of refugees from war devastated countries to Europe, and the dangerous journeys they have endured. Transit camps are where many of them end up, a crossing point from Greece to Macedonia.

Andrew Marr, a volunteer worker with Hackney Cypriot Association, is now at one of these camps, working alongside the Hellenic Red Cross, Medicins Sans Frontieres and other charity volunteers.  Andrew has appealed for help in what is an increasingly fluid and desperate situation. Border restrictions increase; the European response to the crisis is unresolved; and the severe winter weather has taken hold.

Andrew has appealed to his friends in the UK for help, and how can we refuse?  At the beginning of November he wrote:

“We are desperately short of everything; we have not nearly enough coming in. For me, the numbers of people heading our way, with the everyday possibility of FYROM (Macedonia) closing the border and the prospect of sub-zero temperatures, biting Northern Bora winds and driving rain or snow, we have a humanitarian disaster waiting to happen here. 

We need winter clothes, particularly children’s and babies (hundreds of children come through every day, some with no shoes at all) we need just about everything for babies; blankets, small easy to transport sanitary products such as toothbrushes, shavers, soaps etc  

Local people are very generous, and visit the camp with hot cooked food, but there are no kitchen facilities onsite”

Hackney Cypriot Association is collecting essential clothing and everyday goods that are urgently required and sending it over to the camps. This appeal is for the money needed for packing, freight transport and any other urgent needs at the camps.

To find out how you can help or to send a donation click here to visit the Hackney Cypriot Association charity page.

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British chef Jamie Oliver is set to open a new restaurant, which is going to be based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The Cypriot capital will be the home of a new Italian diner that is going to be part of one of the fastest growing restaurant networks in the UK.

Oliver is buzzing to bring traditional Italian food to Cyprus and believes the new restaurant will be a success in the busy capital of Nicosia. He said: “I’m super-excited to be bringing Jamie’s Italian to Cyprus and I just know that Nicosia is going to be a brilliant addition to the Jamie’s Italian family”.

Avantage B&R Italian restaurants LTD will be the company to introduce the new diner which will become the 30th Italian restaurant in Nicosia; the chef is already hunting for staff who are passionate for food, which should be no problem in a country with such tradition.

Article written by Chris Charalambous

Greece, Egypt and Cyprus announced they will step up their trilateral cooperation by establishing a standing Joint Committee of Cooperation.


“We remain convinced of the strategic nature of this trilateral cooperation and we will continue to work closely towards the fullest exploitation of its potential, to the benefit of our peoples and the wider region,” a declaration issued following a tripartite summit between Greece, Egypt and Cyprus, held in Athens, writes.

“In this regard, we have decided to establish a standing Joint Committee of Cooperation which will develop, formulate and promote practical project of trilateral interest,” the declaration adds.

The third Trilateral Summit underlined “our well-established and continuous tripartite partnership aiming at promoting peace, stability, security and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean in various fields (political, economic, trade, culture, tourism).

“We remain committed to effectively promoting our common values and interests and continuing to work towards enhancing our tripartite consultation at all levels,” the declaration notes adding “this framework serves as a model for regional dialogue, including through close coordination and cooperation in the framework of multilateral fora, as well as through efforts to further promote relations between the EU and the Arab world.”

The declaration emphasize that the the discovery of important hydrocarbon reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean, including the recent discovery of the “Zohr” gas field in Egypt’s Exclusive Economic Zone, “can serve as a catalyst for peace and stability in the region,” pointing out that this objective would be better served through the adherence by the countries of the region to well established principles of international law.

The three countries also declared they agreed to accelerate negotiations on the outstanding issues related to the delimitation of our three counties’ adjacent maritime zones, recognizing the universal character of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Recognizing that maritime industry and tourism are vital components of the economy of our countries, the three countries also agreed to continue working closely together with a view to strengthening our cooperation on common projects, with the involvement of both state and private actors, including developing joint tourism packages and cruises and enhancing the maritime connection between the three countries for the transfer of both cargo and passengers.

On the Cyprus problem, the three countries expressed their “full and unwavering support to the ongoing negotiation process, under the United Nations Good Office Mission, for a just, lasting and comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem based on international law, and the relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions.”

“Such a settlement, which will reunify the island, based on the respect of democratic principles and the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Cypriots, would not only benefit the people of Cyprus as a whole, but would also significantly contribute to the stability and peace in the region, the declaration notes.

The three countries also acknowledge the mutually beneficial nature of the European Union –Egypt relationship. We agree on the need for the European Union to support Egypt politically and economically, including in its fight against terrorism, acknowledging its pivotal role for the security and stability in the East Mediterranean region.

Furthermore, in view of the recent terrorist attacks in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, the three countries reiterated “once more our full support to the comprehensive, collective and focused action of the international community towards fighting international terrorism. We strongly condemn all terrorist actions and call upon all states to actively and effectively confront this threat and to step up cooperation on security matters with a view to defeating these groups and exposing their major supporters.”

“International terrorism constitutes,” the declaration adds “a global and unprecedented threat to international peace and security. In this context we reaffirm our commitment to the collective international effort of the Global Coalition to combat ISIS/Da’esh as well as other terrorist groups in accordance with the provisions of international law, and we underline the need to enhance efforts to end the flow of foreign terrorist fighters and to counter ISIS/Da’ esh propaganda as well as to disrupt the provision of financial and military support to terrorist groups.”

Calling for “a holistic and comprehensive approach” to tackle the roots of the increased migratory flows, especially the resolution of conflicts, eradicating poverty and promoting socio-economic development, the thee countries affirm “our commitment to exert every effort to prevent, as a matter of priority, any further loss of life at sea, in cooperation with the countries of origin and transit, and to combat the activities of smugglers,” and their readiness to contribute towards addressing the humanitarian aspects of the ongoing refugee crisis, in cooperation with all countries concerned.

They emphasize moreover that “the mobilization of the EU and all of its Member States is of primary importance since the refugee crisis represents a major challenge that we can overcome only if we work closely together and remain united in our efforts with solidarity and with the adoption of a genuine approach of partnership, shared responsibility and burden.”

The Trilateral Summit also declared its “strong support to the unity and territorial integrity of Syria and we are of the opinion that the participants to the Vienna process should abstain from acts that in essence undermine the spirit of what was agreed there.”

The three countries also express their “serious concern about the security situation in Libya which affects security and stability in neighboring countries,” noting they support the efforts of the UNSG Special Representative Martin Kobler and we call upon all parties to work constructively towards a swift formation of a Government of National Accord.

Pointing out that “the situation in Yemen is still posing a threat to the stability of the wider Middle East,” the three countries reiterate their “support for the legitimate government of Yemen and for the preservation of its unity and territorial integrity.”
“We stress the need to address with determination the threat of extremist and terrorist groups present in Yemen. We are worried about the humanitarian crisis and we call for unrestricted access to humanitarian aid for the civilian population,” the declaration stresses.

On Iraq the three countries reaffirmed their support to the government of Iraq in its efforts to achieve stability peace and political cohesion as well as its fight against terrorism, pointing out that the territorial integrity, sovereignty and unity of Iraq should be respected.

They also look forward to the implementation of the agreement reached by the E3/EU+3 and Iran in Vienna on the latter’s nuclear program a significant step towards strengthening the international and regional security.

Furthermore, the declaration reiterate the three countries` “commitment to the two State solution which will guarantee for the Palestinian People a viable, sovereign, independent and contiguous State, on the 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital, living in peace and security with all its neighbours,” expressing “our firm belief that the historic status quo of all holy sites, in East Jerusalem, must be fully respected.”

Expressing deep concern over the current escalation of violence, the three countries note that “violence can be addressed through restarting, as soon as possible, a credible political process that provides a clear political horizon for reaching a comprehensive settlement,” and add that “to that respect, the role of Egypt remains crucial.”

On Lebanon, the three countries express strong support to the efforts of Prime Minister Salam to keep the government stable and functioning, and stand firm by Lebanon in its fight against terrorism and its efforts to maintain security in the country.

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