The “British-Cypriot” sitcom, ‘Stath Lets Flats’ is in the running to win a Bafta for Best Scripted Comedy.

The programme has screened a second series last year and is a quirky, off-beat, eccentric comedy with a somewhat dry sense of humour.

The Channel 4 show, co-written by London-Cypriot Jamie Demetriou, with Tom Kingsley, Seb Barwell And Ash Atalla, is shortlisted alongside ‘Derry Girls’, ‘Fleabag’ and ‘Catastrophe’.

Jamie Demetriou is also nominated for the ‘Writer (Comedy)’ category as well as for ‘Male Performance in a Comedy’.

Mr Demetriou picked up a Bafta Craft Award for Comedy Writing for ‘Stath Lets Flats’, earlier this month.

Jamie thanked his fellow cast members and production team in response to the award saying, “Thank you, Bafta Craft, for this award it’s made me feel very grown up and scared.

“Congrats to my fellow nominees, thank you so much to everyone at Channel 4. Thank you to the ‘Stath Lets Flats’ team – Sed Barwell, Tom Kingsley, Ash Atalla, Jon Petrie, thank you for your support and guidance and to my reps… and thank you so much to the exquisite cast of ‘Stath Lets Flats’, without whom the brilliant scripts would make no sense, to my brilliant sister Natasia [Demetriou], Alastair, Kiell, Katy, Christos, Dustin, Ellie, Nick, David [and love] to my parents…”

The lead character, “Stath”, (Jamie Demetriou) plays an imbecilic lettings agent working at ‘Michael & Eagle Lets’, an apparently chaotic London lettings agency run by his father, Vasos, [Christos Stergioglou).

The set-up is that Stath comes across as incompetent, impulsive and ambitious – in equal measure, and is desperate to prove himself to his Greek-Cypriot father who is retired and at home in series two but still as ever-observant and watchful over his son’s antics.

Demetriou is awaiting a possible confirmation to a third series from TV chiefs at Channel Four.

The British Academy Film & Television Awards ceremony will air on Friday 31st July on BBC One.

In accord​ance with current restrictions, the awards will take place in a closed studio, with winners invited to accept their awards ‘virtually’.

Article written by London Greek Radio

London-Cypriot actor and writer Jamie Demetriou won Writer: Comedy for ‘Stath Lets Flats’ at the 2020 Television Craft Awards online ceremony, last night (July 17th)

Recognising the wide variety of behind-the-screens talent that goes into making television programming, this year’s ceremony was held via an online stream amidst the coronavirus outbreak, and hosted by Stephen Mangan.

Demetriou beat off fellow nominees Sam Leifer (Plebs), Phoebe Waller-Bridfe (Fleabag), Danny Brocklehurst (Brassic), Tom Basden (Plebs).

Jamie thanked his fellow Stath cast members and production team in response to his win. Jamie responded in a video: “Thank you Bafta Craft for this award it’s made me feel very grown up and scared. Congrats to my fellow nominees, thank you so much to everyone at Channel 4. Thank you to the ‘Stath Lets Flats’ team Sed Barwell, Tom Kingsley, Ash Atalla, Jon Petrie, thank you for your support and guidance and to my reps… and thank you so much to the exquisite cast of ‘Stath Lets Flats’ without whom the brilliant scripts would make no sense, to my brilliant sister Natasia [Demetriou], Alastair, Kiell, Katy, Christos, Dustin, Ellie, Nick, David…”

Star-of-the-show, “Stath” Mr Demetriou is playing an incompetent, impulsive and ambitious letting agent, at ‘Michael & Eagle Lets’, a dodgy London lettings agency [owned] by his father, Vasos, (Christos Stergioglou). The father who in series 2, is at home and retired is as still ever-watchful over his son’s antics.

The “British-Cypriot sitcom” with its lead characters siblings Jamie and Natasia Demetriou, is a quirky and off-beat comedy. The cast seem to compliment the subtle jokes and kind of British eccentricity, really well.

Jamie is in the running to take home a BAFTA Television Award for Best Scripted Comedy, Writer: Comedy category and Male Performance in a Comedy.

The British Academy Television Awards ceremony will air on Friday July 31st on BBC One.

Article written by London Greek Radio

English-Greek actor Michael Angelis died on Saturday, 30th May in Berkshire. He was 76 years old.

Michael was the narrator of the classic children’s series, ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ from 1991 to 2012 and had a lengthy television career, which included the powerful 1980s drama ‘Boys from the Blackstuff’.

The actor was born Nicolas Michael Angelis on 29th April 1944 in London to Margaret (née McCulla), and Greek father, Evangelos Angelis. He was raised in Dingle, Liverpool.

He trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, where he played roles in several pieces of work, including Brendan Behan’s ‘The Hostage’ and ‘The Zykovs’ by Maxim Gorky.

Angelis also appeared in comedies such as ‘The Liver Birds’ between 1975 and 1978 and Luv 1993–94, as well as films such as ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’ (1979) and ‘No Surrender’ (1985).

In 1983, he appeared at the Royal Exchange in Manchester in Harold Pinter’s ‘The Caretaker’ and played a villain in the revived television series ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’ in 2002.

The much-loved actor narrated John Peel’s autobiography, ‘Margrave of the Marshes’ and in 2006 he starred in the film ‘Fated’.

Angelis also appeared in episodes of ‘Midsomer Murders’ and ‘The Bill’.

He was married to Coronation Street actress Helen Worth in 1991 and after their divorce in 2001, he married Welsh model Jennifer Khalastchi, in 2003.

He was the younger brother of fellow actor Paul Angelis who died in 2009.

LGR express their condolences to Michael’s family and friends.

Article written by London Greek Radio

In essence, tonight was supposed to be Eurovision night but our favourite song contest, like other events around the globe, has been postponed.

Instead, we’ll be watching “Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light”, a non-competitive replacement “song contest” which honours the 41 countries which would have competed to win the 2020 Eurovision crown.

Hosted by Chantel Janzen, Edsilia Rombleyand and Jan Smit, who would have fronted the ‘regular’ Eurovision from the Ahoy Arena of Rotterdam in The Netherlands, it promises to be just as spectaculous!

Eleni Foureira, whose ‘Fuego’ tune came second for Cyprus in the 2018 Eurovision, returns with a virtual performance in the “Eurovision Heroes” segment of the show.

Other returning artists, alongside the current “Class of Eurovision” have a virtual sing-song [from their countries] to thank essential frontline workers battling Coronavirus daily.

In a time before “social distancing” and “staying at home”, there was often occasion for Cyprus and Greece to come up with their Eurovision trump-cards.

Cypriot broadcaster CyBC internally selected Sandro Nicholas [real name Alessandro Rütten] to fly the island’s flag.

The entry ‘Running‘ is a deep, house-style inspired electronic-pop song and is dark and dramatic. The lyrics have a deeper meaning about mental health issues and depression and is very relevant now, as this once taboo-issue is ever-more discussed openly, with its impact on males in particular.

The 23-year-old German-Greek singer-songwriter, worked for months to find the right song and he co-wrote it with Greek producer Teo Arkitekt, Australian singer-songwriter Alfie Arcuri, Sebastian Rickards, and Octavian Rasinariu.

CyBC told LGR, “Having gone through depression himself, Sandro’s performance underlines the tunnel of darkness that we must keep on running through in difficulties or catastrophes but also of the strength needed to stand tall and not fall.”

The video is dark and moody with Sandro appearing as a solitary figure.

As the song choruses on about ‘running’ progressively, it comes to a visual-climax in a hopeful and optimistic way, with shades of light on the screen.

For Greece, 17-year-old Stefania Liberakakis stood out as the nation’s candidate this year. She was born in The Netherlands to Greek parents from Greece.

Superg!rl‘ is an up-tempo, pop-dance track with ethnic beats that are really catchy. The song has already entered the radio-friendly playlists of London Greek Radio for several months.

The song’s lyrics are about social adolescent empowerment and young people attaining their goals, as well as trusting their super-innate-strength to achieve their ambition.

Unfortunately, Eurovision fans won’t have the chance to see the Greek ‘Superg!rl’ on stage, however, there will be news about the singer’s Eurovision adventure.

The broadcaster confirmed Stefania would be Greece’s Eurovision 2021 Song Contest act, with a new Eurovision tune up her sleeve especially composed for next year. The details of the entry are not yet known, although we think it might include the current team of creative songwriting talent.

Eurovision veteran, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Arcade comprising of Pavlos Manolis, Diveno and Gabriel Russel composed and produced ‘Superg!rl’. The lyrics are co-written with Swedish songwriter Sharon Vaughn.

The music video was filmed in Athens which included the Fokas Evangelinos dance school of performing arts.

Mr Evangelinos who has staged some of the biggest and effective performances in Eurovision for Greece, Russia and Azerbaijan, has confirmed his involvement in the Greek song next year.

To top off the night, all 41 acts will come together, from their separate locations across Europe, for a rendition of the United Kingdom’s 1997 winner ‘Love Shine a Light’ by Katrina and the Waves.

Watch Cyprus and Greece Eurovision videos here: lgr.co.uk/videos

Article written by Tony Neophytou

A whole host of Cypriot artists have united to create a music video especially for the island during the coronavirus pandemic.

The video was made in response to the Cyprus Government’s lockdown measures which were vigorously enforced for several weeks.

Ego Tha’ Me Edo”, which translated into English is “I’ll be here” is a sweet melodic number which was filmed at artists homes as the country stayed home to reduce the spread of the virus.

Stalo Georgiou, a former Music Director at Manor Hill Greek School in Barnet, who now lives in Paphos, composed the music. Theodoulos Koullapi wrote the lyrics and filmmaker Charalampos Charalampous was responsible for the editing.

The four-minute video includes Konstantina, Cypriot traditional singer Michalis Hadjimichael and former winner of the 2011 LGR Music Awards, Iphigenia Loucaides.

The other artists involved are Andri Karantwni, Vasiliki Hadjiadamou, Efthivoulos Theocharous, Christina Tselepou, Demetris Souroullas, Christos Rialas, Demetra Xatzi, Stella Stylianou, Kalypso Dimitriou, Elena Polydorou, Fani Anastasiou.

Stalo Georgiou, the organiser of the video, told LGR that she became involved because she was particularly concerned about the morale of Cypriot citizens who were staying at home.

She added that the video was important creatively as a vehicle to boost morale and put in place a positive mental-mind-set at these uncertain times.

Stalo said: [Translated] “The concept envisaged was to creatively seek a positive message of love and optimism. The other intention was to honour the essential workers battling on the frontline to defeat the coronavirus epidemic. The song’s lyrics underlined that we are here for each other in lockdown, also crucially to stand together afterwards when this is eventually over.”

Watch it here at our videos section: lgr.co.uk/videos

Article written by Tony Neophytou

Greece has confirmed that Stefania will be the nation’s representative at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam taking place later this year.

The 17-year-old Greek-Dutch singer Stefania Liberakakis will perform in the Eurovision Second Semi-Final at Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena, this May. She was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands to Greek parents from Sofiko Evrou in Greece.

The Greek broadcaster ERT announced the artist and song-title ‘Superg!rl’ in an official statement this month. The ethnic up-tempo song, where Stefania sings about the adolescent youth, a self-empowerment song which draws on the innate strength each person possesses against which battling challenging situations, or issues.

Stefania had taken to Instagram thanked the Greek delegation and responded she was “proud” to be flying the Greek colours at the Eurovision, told music fans.

The Eurovision veteran Dimitris Kontopoulos and music production ARCADE, composed and produced the tune, co-written the lyrics with Sharon Vaughn. The Creative Director Fokas Evangelinos will be responsible for the stage show, well-known in Eurovision circles, for numerous impressive stage acts in the contest.

The songwriters confirmed a modern ethnic up-tempo dance-pop track for Greece, with Greek instruments. The producers describe a “radio-friendly current hit song” with immense potential, standing out amongst the competitors in the Eurovision’s line-up.

The Eurovision tune and the official video-clip whose filming was shot in Athens, will be released in March. We at London Greek Radio are super-excited to be premiering our Greek entry very soon…

The Greek Eurovision delegation which included head Dimitri Papadimitriou and spokesperson Maria Koufopoulou chosen the so-called ‘Dream Team’ earlier this year.

In 2016, Stefania represented The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision in Malta, as part of the three-piece girl group Kisses. Their upbeat song ‘Kisses and Dancin’ placed eighth in the contest.

Stefania came to fame in 2014, when she participated on The Voice Kids. After wowing judges with her audition performance of Alicia Keys’ ‘No One’, Stefania made it as far as the Battle round before being eliminated. She also sang as part of the Dutch children’s choir Kinderen voor Kinderen.

More recently, Stefania has worked on her solo pop career. Late last year, Stefania released ‘Turn Around’, a sophisticated contemporary pop track. Her debut single in 2018, ‘Stupid Reasons’ reached No1 in the Kids Top 20, a hit single, composed and written by J Joachim Vermeulen Windsant and Maarten ten Hove. In March last year she released the single ‘Wonder’ which was the soundtrack to the animation film ‘Wonder Park’.

Stefania has also been working on her pop career in Greece. Last summer, she performed at the Mad VMA music awards, as part of an all-girl cover of Daddy Yankee’s ‘Con calma’ along with Ilenia Williams and Konnie Metaxa.

As well as singing, Stefania also has an acting career. She has starred in the Dutch high school mockumentary Brugklas, the recent dystopian action film De club van lelijke kinderen (The club of ugly children) and made an appearance in the teen comedy 100% Coco New York.

The Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals are on 12th and 14th May, with the Grand Final on Saturday 16th May 2020.

Stefania will perform ‘Superg!rl’ in the Second Semi-Final on Thursday 14th May.

London Greek Radio wishes Stefania and Greece the best of luck in the Eurovision.

Article written by Tony Neophytou

Cyprus has confirmed that Sandro Nicholas will be the island’s representative at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam taking place later this year.

The Cypriot broadcaster, CyBC, announced the news to excited Eurovision fans in an official statement towards the end of last year.

The 23-year-old German-Greek is an up-and-coming artist and a star of “The Voice Germany” from 2018. He managed to turn all four chairs with Shawn Mendes’ ‘In my blood’ where he reached the semi-finals.

Sandro Nicholas’ real name is Alessandro Rütten and he was born and bred in Germany, with an American father and a Greek mother from Zakynthos. He speaks Greek and travels to Greece frequently. He plays the drums and guitar and at the age of 15, started to write songs and formed his own rock-band.

Sandro has a soulful, pop and rocky-edged vocal and exudes a confident manner on stage.

As well as ‘The Voice’, Sandro was the American entrant at the New Wave Festival in Russia last summer. One of the judges was the Greek Eurovision hit-maker veteran, Dimitris Kontopoulos, who was said to have put in a word with the decision-makers in Cyprus for Eurovision.

Cypriot bosses have stuck to the format that has served them well in previous years by internal selection of the artist and song.

The formula has yielded fairly good results for Cyprus with Eleni Foureira’s spectacular 2nd place and Tamta scoring 13th in Tel Aviv last year.

Mr Nicholas will face the task to uphold Cyprus’ impressive qualification run, with five qualified entries in a row from 2015 to 2019.

Cyprus received 120 songs, all vying to compete as the island’s act for 2020 and have shortlisted the options to three songs. The exact details about the song will be released at a later date.

CyBC chose Mr Nicholas out of several artists, trusting the young and talented potential to resonate with the Eurovision voter.

Sandro is playing a constructive role in the creative song-writing to the entry, in order to find the killer-tune for this contest. Mr Nicholas has told media, he wants “an emotional song”, one that is a genuine, honest song.

In his interview to Cypriot media, Sandro said, “[I am] absolutely captivated. This country is probably one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. I’ve been to Zakynthos, Greece. I am Greek, but this place is magical and I’m so honoured and so pleased to be able to represent such an amazing country.”

He added, “It’s an honour for me, [to represent] for the Cypriot flag, and I want to do my very best. It’s fantastic, it’s a dream for me.”

The Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals are on 12th and 14th May, with the Grand Final on Saturday 16th May 2020.

London Greek Radio wishes Sandro and Cyprus the best of luck in Eurovision.

Article written by Tony Neophytou

London-born Cypriot Erika Soteri is through to the live semi-final on The Voice franchise in Greece.

The show which aired its first live episode last Friday showed Erika advancing to the semi-finals, after her performance of the song “Ain’t Nobody”.   

Erika was supported by her mum and dad in the studio audience with a huge Erika Soteri banner.

Erika is one of the ace picks in Helena Paparizou’s Team and her parents are from Larnaca, Cyprus.

She advanced to the live shows after wowing her coach Helena Paparizou with a spectacular rendition of ‘Daddy Lessons’ during the ‘Battles’ round.  This was the third phase of the contest where the four mentors Eleonora Zouganelli, Panos Mouzourakis, Helena Paparizou and Sakis Rouvas, put two of their own team members against each other.  They then sing the same song at the same time in front of a studio audience before they each select one to advance.

During the blind auditions, Erika, who graduated with a First-Class Honours in the “ACM Guildford’s Musician Route Vocals Degree”, sang ‘Crazy’, making all four judges spin their chairs almost immediately.

On last month’s debut show, she only required one judge to “turn around” in order to make it through to the next stage of the competition, but Panos Mouzourakis, Sakis Rouvas, Eleonora Zouganelli, and Helena Paparizou all turned around!

Mr Rouvas ‘blocked’ Mr Mouzourakis during the voting process, which favoured the other judges’ odds. 

The mentors pulled out all the stops. Helena with, ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ and Sakis, with ‘Amazing Grace’ sang acapella covers to woo Erika.

Helena in her reaction to Erika’s performance said, [Translated] “You stand on the stage like a star, you’re sparkling. You have an exceptional voice. I admire that female interpretation of ‘Crazy’ which I’ve never heard been done like that before. I need to answer with a heart, it’s not a simple heart, its fast-moving; it’s explosive!”

Helena was also quite emphatic to Erika, continuing, [Translated] “If you join my team, not only will you reach the final, we will win the final!”

Sakis Rouvas added, [Translated] “When I first heard you, your voice was impressive. Now that I’ve seen, I don’t want to lose you. It shows that you have a background of studied music, a calm maturity that exceeds your young age, and this shows in your personality. This will help you as you move forward. You can decide to choose the right team, which I hope will be mine.”

Eleonora Zouganelli said to Erika, [Translated] “You are very good, the truth is that your positive calmness was followed by your voice. You have a long journey whichever team you ultimately choose. I would like you to join my team.”

Writing on her Facebook page, Erika said, [Translated] “The words cannot express the feelings I have in that moment when I stood on the stage. I experienced a lot of nervousness and the opponent was very strong. I’d like to say a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for your support and love that you have shown me. I used to have a dream that I’d find myself in the place where I am now, in my career and in my life, and I wouldn’t be able to achieve it without the love of Helena Paparizou and her team. Thank you for voting!”

Tune in and vote for Erika every Friday at 8pm on Greek channel SKAI.

London Greek Radio wishes Erika the best of luck in the show.

Article written by Tony Neophytou

British-Cypriot singer-songwriter and actor Antony Costa is announced for the new Papadopoulos! Stage Musical – this is actually a workshop reading or industry presentation, which will take place at The Other Palace on Tuesday 26 November.

Based on the hit 2013 indie film starring Stephen Dillane, Papadopoulos! tells the story of Greek immigrant Harry Papadopoulos, a self-made millionaire who reigns over a food empire. But when the financial crisis hits, and his empire falls, Harry must reluctantly reunite with his estranged freewheeling brother with a proposition; to re-open the abandoned fish and chip shop they shared in their youth.

The cast for the workshop reading is led by Antony Costa as Uncle Spiros, Vas Constanti as Harry Papadopoulos and Hiba Elchikhe as Katie Papadopoulos. Anthony Costa is best known as a member of multi-million selling pop group Blue, with theatre credits including Blood Brothers and Rock of Ages. Vas Constanti’s West End credits include Miss Saigon, The Rocky Horror Show and In The Heights. Hiba Elchikhe recently appeared in Brooklyn The Musical at Greenwich Theatre, with other credits including Princess Jasmine in the Australian production of Disney’s Aladdin.

The cast also features Andy Owens (Posh, Blood Brothers), Lewis Fernee (The King & I, Mary Poppins), Julie Armstrong (Follies, Spend Spend Spend), Emily Bull (Matilda, Mary Poppins), Caroline Kay (The Clockmakers Daughter), Michael Pickering (Wicked, Jersey Boys), Johan Munir (It Happened in Key West, Little Women), Tiran Aakel (The Jungle, EastEnders) and Melissa Nettleford (Mamma Mia, On The Town).

Papadopoulos! is adapted for the stage by the film’s writer and director Marcus Markou, with composer John Themis. Marcus Markou wrote, directed, produced and successfully self-distributed the film in April 2013. It achieved the second highest screen average of any film in its opening weekend, subsequently being sold to Netflix, the BBC and ARTE. John Themis is a musician and songwriter, best known for his long-term collaboration with Boy George and Culture Club, acting as Musical Director for their live tours and albums as well as writing more than 100 songs with George and the band. John also co-wrote the smash-hit musical Taboo.

Marcus Markou said: “The riches to rags story of losing everything, only to find it all, is a timeless one. Whilst Papadopoulos! is culturally specific it is, like the film, universally humane and will appeal to all families everywhere. The message, that success is only measured by the joy you feel, was made for a musical. OPA!”

British-Cypriot Marcus hailed the start of rehearsals last week, with this quote on his Facebook page, (see featured picture with the cast): “First day rehearsals for the Papadopoulos! Stage Musical – for an industry presentation at the end of November. Musicals are the decathalon of art forms – and I take my hat off to these performers who need to be able to sing, act, dance and deliver across the broadest range of emotions.”

John Themis said: “Working with Marcus has been joyous, inspirational and honest. The musical influences are varied from, Ska, 60’s, Grime, Ballads, Rock, with Greek overtones woven in here and there where appropriate. With our amazing cast, let’s hope it will soar to the heights of Olympus!”

Papadopoulos! has a Book and Lyrics by Marcus Markou with Music by John Themis. The workshop reading is directed by Tania Azevedo with musical direction by Tansy Aked and casting by Leon Kay Casting.

The industry sharing of Papadopoulos! will take place on Tuesday 26 November at 2pm at The Other Palace. More information and tickets available via email: musical@doublemfilms.co.uk.

Article written by Broadwayworld.com and Marcus Markou (photograph)

Cypriot broadcaster CyBC has confirmed that Cyprus will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands Ahoy Arena Rotterdam next year.

Eurovision fans have eagerly awaited for developments as to what Cyprus may have up its sleeve in 2020.

The Cypriot bosses are most likely to be in favour of sticking to the format as it is now: internally selecting both the song and the artist, which repeats their more-recent successful formula. The Cypriots have a solid qualification record which is no doubt attributed to the formula of the last few years.

Cyprus have received 120 song entries from Greek and non-Greek song-writers, and Eurovision hit-makers of past contests. The powers that be have already short-listed a few, strong entries as the Cypriots rapidly proceed with their ambitious, concrete-solid approach and ideas to Eurovision. The selection will be responsible to pair the right song, with the relevant artist, to compliment the entry. The end of a process that would ultimately choose a performance-artist that has the complete package, for the contest.

The most likely scenario is to have a big named artist, one that is a Cypriot or Greek in the Greek-speaking music industry, flying the Cypriot flag for the 2020 Eurovision, and there will no doubt be an air of anticipation amongst fans.

Cyprus have five Top 10 consecutive results in the semi-finals, which is pretty impressive. These songs have often been contesting tightly in Eurovision Semi-Finals from 2015 to date.

The outstanding result of 2018’s Eleni Foureira’s ‘Fuego’ which finished second placed; agonisingly close to achieving the island’s first ever victory.

Tamta with the song ‘Replay’ scored a respectable 13th place in Tel Aviv, holding up the favourable results on the left-side of the scoreboard.

Cyprus made its Eurovision debut in 1981 with the band ‘Island’ finishing 6th. In 1982, the legendary and iconic artist Anna Vissi scored 5th with ‘Moni I Agapi’. A number of Cypriot singers have comprised that illustrious list including Alexia, Michalis Hatzigiannis, Constantinos Christoforou and Evridiki, Ivi Adamou and Despina Olympiou. Locally British-Cypriot Lisa Andreas, who was 16-years-old performed the Mike Connaris ballad ‘Stronger Every Minute’ in the 2004 contest. All in all thirty-five hopefuls have pinned their colours to the mast as Cypriot acts in the biggest music competition in the world.

The Cypriot delegation will be certain to want to maintain the good run of form, following the recent successes by John Karayiannis, Minus One, Hovig, Eleni Foureira and Tamta.

Eurovision fans will be patiently waiting to find out the island’s thirty-sixth representative.

The Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals span from May 12th and May 14th and the Grand Final airs on Saturday 16th May 2019.

For all of your Eurovision news on Cyprus, make sure you regularly check back to lgr.co.uk and tune in to London Greek Radio to hear the latest music news.

Article written by Tony Neophytou