Cyprus has confirmed that Andrew Lambrou as the act to represent the nation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 at Liverpool Arena.

The 24-year-old Australian-born Cypriot singer-songwriter was internally selected with the announcement made in October.

Andrew is represented by his New York based Saiko Management.

In a video published on his social media, Andrew said, “(I am) proud of (my) Cypriot heritage roots”¬†and recently made his first-ever promo-tour to Cyprus.

Cypriot chiefs confirmed that Andrew has already recorded the song to represent Cyprus in Stockholm recently.

The Swedish songwriters are well-known in Eurovision circles, namely Thomas Stengaard, Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, Jimmy Jansson and Marcus Winther-John.

It was reported that the song was written to suit Andrew’s vocal and is a rather vocally-demanding song, requiring his full skills as a singer to be on-point.

Lambrou said he is focused on working on the stage craft specifics, aiming to deliver a slick and aesthetically-pleasing act. Meanwhile, Austrian creative director Martin Dietmann, elevates the song’s chances in terms of its stage presentation.

The date for the release of the song has not been announced, leaving fans in eager anticipation.

LGR’s Eurovision fanatic, Tony Neophytou said, “My first reaction is that Andrew seems like a likeable, disciplined and talented soulful-artist, with really nice vocals.”

He added, “He requires a well-made competitive tune, especially given how the stakes are even higher now with purely tele-voting semi-finals shaking things up. It’ll be exciting to follow all of the moments leading up to the contest in Liverpool.”

Born in Sydney to Greek Cypriot parents, Andrew has always been passionate about his music. He learnt piano at school, and at just 5-years-of age he won first place in a competition at his AMS Music School, singing “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music.

He originally sung his way to relative stardom, covering the likes of Evanescence, Harry Styles, Camilla Cabello and Sam Smith..

In 2015, when Andrew was just 17-years-old, he finished in the top 20 in The X Factor Australia. This included a stop-over in London at the five-seat challenge with his mentor, singing legend, Chris Isaak where he performed in front of music mogul Simon Cowell and pop star Rita Ora.

That same year, he was noticed by Sony ATV and was signed by Maree Hamblion. His debut single, “Throne”, was released in 2021, with follow-up singles “Lemonade”, “Confidence” and “Electrify”.

Lambrou was a finalist at “Eurovision: Australia Decides” last year, equipping the young man with some incredibly useful insights into this competition.

You can follow Andrew on Instagram @andrew_lambrou, where he already boasts almost 500k followers. Andrew was doing impressive TikTok numbers before announcing Eurovision, now at 700k followers and climbing.

Cypriot bosses are keen to recover from the setback of finishing 12th with Andromache last year, narrowly losing its place at the final.

The Cypriot delegation which comprises Evi Papamichail, assistant, Alexia Moutafidou, and its Head of Press Andreas Anastasiou are quietly confident of their chances at reviving Cypriot fortunes, in the competition.

Cyprus is competing in Semi-Final 2 on May 11th and aiming at progression to the final on May 13th at Liverpool Arena.

London Greek Radio wishes Andrew and the Cypriot delegation the best of luck.

Article written by Tony Neophytou