Cyprus’ singer Elena Tsagrinou on Tuesday night qualified for the Eurovision Song Contest Final with her song ‘El Diablo’.

The entry is penned by producer Jimmy “Joker” Thornfeldt, a Swedish Grammy-Award winner. He collaborates on the tune with Laurell Barker, Oxa, and Thomas Stengaard.

It is a radio-friendly hit, current and mainstream, which has entered London Greek Radio playlists.

The fun number stirs with a hidden message, she’s in a toxic relationship with a “bad boy” or even “aliti” in Greek. She somehow escapes the wrong’un by the end of this song.

The refrain that would even make a Yorkshire terrier twerk on demand sinks in, you realise ‘El Diablo’ is just as catchy and addictive as anything on the Eurovision line-up this year.

LGR’s Tony Neophytou’s said, “The Cypriot song is really catchy and is instantaneous which a Eurovision song requires.”

Of the 16 competing countries, Cyprus was one of the 10 that gained enough votes from professional juries and the public to advance to Saturday night’s sing-off.

Elena sang eighth in the running order and gave a strong performance of the catchy up-tempo bop. Elena’s dynamic singing and dancing act, with her four female dancers Chali Jennings, Liolia Kerogli, Paraskevi Karataidou and Mariia Sharafetdinova.

It is a very slick stage show, with features like a great mirror-effect and extremely punchy red colours, even fire-lit flames.

Mr Neophytou’s view, “Elena’s energetic performance and a likeable demeanour helps sell this song. It is very slick and well-done. I think it might get a pretty decent result, potentially Top 10 finish, a result Cypriots would be proud of.”

Elena seems a lovely person and likeable and approachable which helps sell the song.

She finishes with a sideways knowing glance to camera, which is a sweet touch.

Cyprus will be staged with the help of Austrian artistic director Marvin Dietmann who helped Austria to a Eurovision triumph in 2014 with their song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’.

The announcement of the 10 qualifying songs was a nail-biter, with Cyprus seventh to be announced.

This is the sixth time that Cyprus has qualified for a Eurovision since 2015.

Bookmakers and fan polls had predicted that Cyprus would make it through this highly competitive semi-final.

Amongst the other qualifiers was Malta’s Destiny up-tempo fun number with ‘Je Me Casse’. The Ukrainian song ‘Shum’ also qualified and is now fourth favourite to go the distance and win on Saturday.

The other qualifying songs were from Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Israel, Azerbaijan.

Elena began her music career in 2008 as the lead soloist of the Greek band OtherView, before pursuing a solo career after she left them in 2018.

Elena is signed to Panik Records one of Greece’s biggest music labels in Greece, and Cyprus, releasing many hits which are much-loved modern hits heard on the LGR air-waves.

It’s now full steam ahead for Team Cyprus towards Saturday night, and beyond that… to stick-to-it’s winning formulae in 2022!

London Greek Radio wishes Elena and Cyprus the best of luck in the Eurovision.

*Pic: Elena Tsagrinou celebrates after securing a place in the final in Rotterdam, in the first semi-final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Her female dancers and head of the Cypriot delegation Evi Papamichael in the green room.

Article written by Tony Neophytou