A Just Giving page has been created in an attempt to raise £35,000 to help with the costs of bringing back a Greek-Cypriot dad to London, to receive expert care and treatment at a hospital close to his home.

The man’s children desperately want to bring dad back home to receive the appropriate amount of support and loving care, while doing what they can to ensure he fully recovers.

The daughter Maria Panayiotou has set up the Just Giving Page ‘Please Help Bring My Dad Home’ in which explains the weeks of coping with her father’s sudden ill-health, whilst on holiday in Cyprus. Maria and sister Androulla have been at their father’s side continuously which has meant being separated from family and absent from work for many weeks.

On the 11th August 2019 the father suffered a severe Intracerebral Haemorrhage to his brain and was taken to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at Nicosia General Hospital.

On 11th September, due to overcrowding at the General Hospital he was moved to the ICU at the American Medical Centre in Nicosia where he continued to receive treatment.

Since then 9 weeks of treatment has continued and the father has defied the odds with showing some signs of improvement.

The siblings want to better support dad, surrounded by his closest and most dearest family members at his very side. Being of course given the chance to be at home with his loved ones, Maria Panayiotou writes on the Just Giving Page: “Being away from our families in the UK has been so tough and desperately need to bring him back here with us so we can continue to support him and where he can continue to receive the treatment he requires in order to recover.”

The family need help to raise money to fly him back over to the UK so he can receive the expert care he needs.

If you are able to support the family and donate ANYTHING it would be greatly appreciated!

Just Giving page to make your donation, right here, this very link:


Article written by London Greek Radio