London-Cypriot Nick Parpa wins the Southern Area Cruiserweight title after beating defending champion Daniel Mendes, at a full-house including lots of Cypriot fans at York Hall in Bethnal Green last Saturday.

For Parpa, this was his first attempt at a title. He boasted a record of 8-1 with his only loss being against Czech Republic’s Vasili Ducar in his fifth fight, Parpa’s victory bolsters the young Cypriot’s career going on to fight at even higher level for more illustrious honours.

It was a tough fight for Nick and he went the distance in a 10 round fight versus the defending champion Daniel Mendes from Birmingham but came out with a comfortable and a comprehensive 99-91 points victory.

In a statement from the Goodwin Boxing Facebook page, it said, “It’s Parpa who takes it! Winning 99-91 on the scorecard. More aggressive and pressed the fight from start to finish. Really great fight, Mendes was a worthy Champion but it was Parpa’s night tonight!!”

“Nightmare” Nick Parpa was fighting his tenth professional fight.

Nick Parpa wins his first title…

The Palmers Green boxer on his Facebook Page said he was absolutely thrilled at winning. “WE DID IT!!!! #AND THE NEW SOUTHERN AREA CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION Nick The Nightmareeeeeee PARPAAAAA. I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to my team, my loyal supporters, family and friends for believing in me and helping me fulfil my dreams, I could not have done it without you all.”

Parpa had thanked his opponent for a formidable game and the work that went behind it, with his coaching network.

“Thank you Daniel Servant Mendes for the opportunity, he put up a great fight and was a worthy champion. We gave the crowd one hell of a fight. Thank you to my manager Steve Goodwin for giving me this opportunity and guiding my career in the right direction, he truly is a great manager and a friend. Thank you to my coach Joshua Burnham for everything and for pushing me every day in the gym helping me maximise my potential. We did it!!! Thank you to Dave Tausz for pushing me every-day also in the gym. He’s a top strength and conditioning coach.”

His Greek-Cypriot dad was proud of his son’s achievement, Sav Parpa said, “I am a proud father my sons the Southern Area Cruiserweight champion!!! Yo Parpa we did it.”

Nick Parpa is expected to find out his next opponent when the summer finishes.

Photographs: Michael Yiakoumi

Article written by London Greek Radio