Lyme disease symptoms

Lyme disease symptoms

To raise awareness of Lyme disease in the UK, FIGHT LYME NOW has released a campaign song called ‘Fight it!’. It’s all to do with teaching people about the disease and the way it is currently treated.

The disease, which is spread by tick bites, has very limited available treatments in the UK meaning many patients have to go abroad to receive medical attention.

There is currently only one way of testing for Lyme disease in the UK and that only has a 50% accuracy rate. Many of the people tested may be getting false negative results.

The campaign is made up of a survey and a petition in aim to get the Government’s attention on the subject of the lack of awareness and treatment for the disease.

To get involved and help find a new test for Lyme disease, click here to join the fundraising efforts. Below is the song “Fight It!” We hope you’ll enjoy it and feel compelled to share it:

Article written by London Greek Radio